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The doctors warned about the danger of a popular beverage

Медики предупредили об опасности популярного напиткаThe use of milk, many experts believe a healthy habit.

However, according to Swedish experts, the love of this drink can affect health, and in some cases even lead to early death.

Even if you can’t live a day without milk, drink it moderately. Otherwise, your body can accumulate stocks neustoichivost of calcium, which causes abnormalities in the cardiovascular system. To such conclusion the Swedish researchers, according to which the daily intake of milk should not exceed two glasses a day.

As you know, milk is a rich natural source of calcium. Studies show that people who eat more than 1.4 thousand milligrams of calcium per day, the risk of becoming victims of premature death due to heart problems and blood vessels. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“The fact that the excess calcium that is not utilized by the body, tends to be deposited in the organs, leading to disruption of their work. Primarily attack vessels. The pressure increases and the flow becomes very difficult, which can cause very sad consequences”, — experts explain.

At the same time, according to experts, from a surplus “milk” of calcium in the body may be affected not only serdechno-vascular system and kidneys, as it inevitably increases the risk of renal stone disease.

What about those who loves the milk to stop drinking it altogether? Not at all! To calcium is not deposited in the body in large amounts, scientists recommend taking vitamin D will help the calcium to be better absorbed. In addition, in the diet of lovers of dairy products should be fatty fish, eggs, meat, parsley and mushrooms.

A complete rejection of milk is fraught with fewer problems, as well as excessive consumption of dairy products, think Swedish doctors. The human body should be no less than 600 milligrams of calcium per day — the daily dose of milk two glasses a day is perfect for it.

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