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The doctors told which alcoholic drinks faster cause dependence

Врачи рассказали, какие алкогольные напитки быстрее вызывают зависимостьScientists named the most harmful alcoholic beverages.

The staff of the Medical school of the University of Indiana (USA) has published data conducted their study in which scientists tried to find out what alcoholic drinks faster cause dependence – vysokostatusnye or seemingly delicious.

They found that most of the “pleasure hormone” the body produces in response to consumption of beer.

Scientists have conducted an experiment involving about 50 men of different ages who have tried different alcoholic drinks. The researchers found: the taste of beer, regardless of the level of contained alcohol acts on the body as the most powerful “dopamine stimulator.”

After consuming the drink, the blood is ejected the highest amount of dopamine – a neurotransmitter, also called the “pleasure hormone”.

It is the splash of dopamine causes people a mania – they begin to gravitate to what makes them the body to produce more dopamine. Thus, according to the study, drinking beer can be a major factor in alcoholism man.

“This is the first human experiment showed that the taste of an alcoholic drink can trigger dopamine activity in the centers of the brain responsible for feelings of rewards and pleasure,” said lead author of the project David Kareken.

But beer is not the only alcoholic beverage with a lot of potential danger. The scientists explained: the more alcohol related chemical compounds, the worse it is for processing by the body.

On this basis, they determined a number of the most harmful and undesirable for the consumption of alcoholic products is, in their opinion, canned cocktails, alcoholic cocktails with lots of ingredients, champagne, liqueurs.

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