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The doctors told whether a wine is useful for health

Врачи рассказали, действительно ли вино полезно для здоровьяDoctors told that the wine activates the brain.

In order to make your brain work harder, enough to drink a glass of wine.

Scientists say that it is a good idea. Moreover, drinking a glass trains our brain more than solving math problems. And it sounds just fine! Neuroscientist Gordon shepherd from Yale school of medicine says that when we drink wine, you engage more parts of your brain than when doing any other human activity. Wow!

In his book Neuroenology: How The Brain Creates the Taste of Wine, shepherd argues that the process of swallowing wine and the involvement of the oral muscles, which we use in this case, our brain sends powerful signals and make it work much harder.

Dr. shepherd also says that the wine has no taste, and the taste is created in the mind of the one who drinks this wine. He says that the molecules of the wine is no taste and aroma, but we drink wine our brain starts to create a smell.

So, next time you’ll be drinking Vino, imagine how cool this time is training your head.

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