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The doctors told us how to avoid dementia

Медики рассказали, как избежать старческого слабоумияImportant any physical activity in the elderly.

In the US, scientists at Columbia University have found that a “rejuvenating cure” for aging brain may be the hormone osteocalcin that help improve memory. Details of their study are published in a press release on MedicalXpress.

According to scientists, osteocalcin produced by the cells of the bone and to increase its production contributes even a small physical activity, such as walking. The authors of the new work found that the protein RbAp48 interacts osteocalcin preventing the onset of senile dementia.

In previous experiments with mice, researchers found that the protein RbAp48 is involved in the formation of chromatin – complex of DNA, RNA and various proteins. This time scientists could verify that RbAp48 controls genes that encode neurotrophic factor brain BDNF and protein receptor GPR158 connections that are important for memory.

Full-time job these compounds depends on the concentration of the hormone osteocalcin. On the background of physical activity, its production, and the production of a protein RbAp48 increase. This process creates the most favorable conditions for the inclusion and operation of the compounds that improves memory. A similar relationship is seen by scientists – further proof of the importance of any physical activity in the elderly.

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