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The doctors told us how daylight saving time can affect health

Врачи рассказали, как переход на зимнее время может повлиять на здоровьеThis weekend in Ukraine will be held on daylight time.

Autumn clock 2018 will occur on October 28 at 04:00. Arrow move back one hour.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday, October 28, Ukrainians will be able to sleep one hour longer.

But what does it mean for the body, we with the help of scientists tried to understand the article. It is no secret that the transition to a different time and autumn, and spring, always in a special way affects the body. For this reason many scientists argue, but the fact that support in this time of vitamins and eat right need this fact. Some experts say that any significant impact on the human body, the transfer time has not. Others say the same about the sleep problems, bad temper and generally poor health.

The impact on the body clock decided to explore German scientists from the Institute of medical psychology in Munich. They found that the negative effects of the clock associated with impaired balance between the internal biological clock of a person and real time. So people in the period of adaptation sometimes are mixed feelings and sensations.

Chronobiology, til, Rennenberg from Munich conducted a study which proved that because of the transition to the summer/winter time, a person may experience fatigue and aktiviziruyutsya disease. First and foremost, this is reflected in health: the body simply does not have time to adjust to the change of schedule of my life. Therefore, scientists believe that the discrepancy work the body’s internal clock and real time may cause harm to human health.

There is another view on this issue. Say that the clock trains the metabolism and thus gives the body a chance to adapt to the change of day length. Initially people used was guided by the sun – got up from his sunrise and fall asleep with the sunset. Therefore, this genetically inherent function transfer hours must be maintained, disease will not do, but just the body will feel short-term discomfort. It can be solved if you go to bed and get up an hour or two earlier.

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