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The doctors told the secret that will make you look younger

Врачи рассказали секрет, который поможет выглядеть моложеThis method has a rejuvenating effect, removing 10 years.

Everyone can preserve youth for many years. It is important not only to want but to act.


Want to be young? Start me with thoughts. Drive off the negativity that can ruin the mood and depressing. Don’t dwell on problems, just solve them with confidence and a light heart. I think as young, dream, set goals, strive to learn new things.

And don’t be afraid to do things that are not characteristic of the young.

I feel good with you

English sexologists tested men and women aged right up to 100 years and found out: if you get pleasure from sex at least 2 times a week, you’ll look 5 years younger its a tired and dispassionate peers. However, scientists are specified, it is not about the mechanical satisfaction of desires, but about these feelings with a dear partner. Then the relationship will have a rejuvenating effect.

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Add to food spices

With age, the body accumulate free radicals which arise as a result of food processing. Here they just make you look older our body. To be purified is added to food spices: pepper, Bay leaf, cumin, cardamom, turmeric, cinnamon, cloves, fennel, oregano, dill, coriander, mint etc.

Minus 5 years for six months

Rejuvenation formula is simple: 2-3 times per week engaged in sport, which brings you real pleasure. Six months later, notice a pleasant change.

“I like myself”

Pronounce this phrase as often as possible! Thoughts are material, and so we look as we feel ourselves in the shower. To consolidate rejuvenating result diligently take care of yourself. Do focus on hydration.

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Tell me, friend…

Don’t lock friends. Communication brings new life energy and emotions. Be ready to help and let others help you. All this makes life more full, vibrant and significant.

Restful sleep

Sleep at least 8 hours a day, to preserve the health and youthfulness of the body. Complete rest during sleep guards us against heart disease, diabetes, and obesity. Yes, that lack of sleep leads to pressure surges and blood sugar levels. Sleep — and profitable!

Eat a berry!

Sweet-bitter red dried Goji berries included in the daily diet of the world’s celebrities. The secret of popularity in the healing and rejuvenating properties of Goji.

It is believed that the berry enhances the reproductive ability of both male and female libido.

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