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The doctors told me what popular exercise is harmful to the spine

Врачи рассказали, какое популярное упражнение вредит позвоночнику In some cases it is advisable to replace this physical activity.

Doctors have proved that one of the most popular exercise causes serious health problems. People who do crunches are vulnerable in the area of the spine.

As a result of research, scientists have identified an injury in a third of people who do exercises on a press. Twisting is one of the most popular exercise, but it was travmoopasno other. This exercise can lead to serious injuries of the spine, and patients can even lose the ability to move on some time.

Tense and overly contracted muscles able to provide and fit the waist forward until the pelvis has turned back, that entails a painful injury.

Experts recommend to avoid injury to replace the torsion bar, which is quite effective when you want to bring into shape the abdominal muscles. In this exercise, the spine can be in a natural position. So did the US army, replacing the curl on safe strap in 2015.

If from twisting to give up not possible, then experts recommend to do on a gym ball, to reduce the risk of injury.

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