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The doctors told me what not to do on an empty stomach

Врачи рассказали, чего нельзя делать на голодный желудокHow not to harm your health.

To finally “Wake up” and be able to function normally, the body needs Breakfast.

In the meantime you skipped Breakfast, and your body is still “asleep”, in any case should not do the following things.

Drinking coffee

Coffee stimulates the production of stomach acid, which may be the cause of heartburn, discomfort and even cramps.

Moreover, coffee on an empty stomach can cause a deficiency of serotonin – the hormone that is responsible for the feeling of happiness and good mood.

If you haven’t had Breakfast yet, but really want coffee – add cream or milk to remove the negative impact.

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Doctors believe that going to bed on an empty stomach – harmful. Hunger prevents sleep, and will also promote superficial sleep, which is very bad for the body.

So try to eat dinner 2 hours before sleep. If you fail, before going to bed drink kefir and cookies.

Drinking juices

Any juice (especially freshly squeezed) has a acids which are very unwholesome for the stomach if it is drunk on an empty stomach. Especially dangerous it can be if you have gastritis or a stomach ulcer.

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To reduce harm, rasmalai juice with water in proportion 1:1 or drink it after Breakfast.

Chew gum

If you often chew gum when you feel hungry, you can easily earn gastritis. The fact is that hydrochloric acid produced during mastication destroys the lining of the stomach (if it’s empty, of course).

Important: do not chew chewing gum for more than 10 minutes and on a full stomach.

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