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The doctors told me what champagne can be useful

Врачи рассказали, чем шампанское может быть полезнымIt is unlikely you will know.

The traditional new year’s drink a lot of fans, but not everyone knows that there are 5 scientifically proven facts why it is good for health.

LOW-CALORIE CHAMPAGNE. A glass of red or white wine contains between 135 to 200 calories. So if you drive them count, choose the Brut: the champagne is low in calories (only 95 calories per glass).

CHAMPAGNE PREVENTS DEMENTIA AND MEMORY LOSS. Scientists from the British University of reading has revealed that one to three glasses of champagne every week affect the good condition of the brain. The study was performed on rats, half of which was to drink champagne every day for six weeks. Then subjects had to find a way out of the maze. From “sober” rats before the release got only half that among the “drinking” coped with the problem 70%.

CHAMPAGNE GOOD FOR THE SKIN. It fills the skin with antioxidants, and the clarified wine acids help even out skin tone, dermatologists say.

CHAMPAGNE IS GOOD FOR HEART. …as well as red wine. Two glasses of wine a day good for the circulatory system and reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

CHAMPAGNE WILL HELP YOU TO DRINK LESS. Like other fizzy drinks, champagne quickly “gives head”, so you need less to drink to relax. And this is just what you need today. Chin-chin!

Scientists say that drinking champagne is beneficial for the health. Especially useful for this bubbly drink at pathologies of the cardiovascular system. However, we are talking only about moderate consumption of the drink.

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