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The doctors told me what Breakfast is best avoided

Врачи рассказали, от каких завтраков лучше отказатьсяThe wrong Breakfast can cause drowsiness and even cause stomach problems.

About the dishes that are not exactly fit for the start of the day, told specialist in nutrition Maria Andreeva.

1. Orange juice and sausage sandwiches

Drinking orange juice in the morning can lead, firstly, to the emergence of allergies, second, to problems with digestion. Acid found in all citrus fruits, irritate the mucous membrane of the stomach, so there is a risk of gastritis due to regular consumption of juice from citrus fruits on an empty stomach.

As for sausage sandwiches, it is a known fact that products from the nearest supermarket is composed of not only meat, but also almost the entire periodic table: dyes, preservatives. Accordingly, gastritis, which came from drinking orange juice, it can become chronic on the background of the sandwiches, and there already and to serious digestive issues in the neighborhood.

2. A glass of cold water and salad vegetables

Start your morning with a glass of fresh water is considered to be correct and useful. However, not all recommendations specify that it should be warm, not cold. The latter – a direct path to the violation of the metabolism, its slowing down, weight gain, and women against the use of cold water in the morning can even lead to changes in the menstrual cycle.

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Vegetable salad, dressed with olive oil, is a wonderful dish for lunch or dinner but not for Breakfast. In the morning our body has not yet woken up, so not ready to digest vegetables. The vegetables themselves – the food is not particularly heavy, just they contain acid that can lead to excessive flatulence in the afternoon.

3. Fried potatoes with meat

It’s hard to find a product that would be so non-dietary and calories as fried potatoes. It is a lipid-glycemic product, the use of which leads to weight gain, because the oil it is cooked, is instantly deposited in the body as fat reserves.

In order to digest a piece of meat in the morning our body need so much energy that instead to cheer up, he’ll want to sleep.

4. A Cup of coffee

For some it’s Breakfast: drank on an empty stomach a Cup of coffee, I perked up and forward. This is totally unacceptable! Coffee on an empty stomach is a huge harm for your health and a blow to the stomach, pancreas and heart. Besides, this drink has a diuretic effect. Remember, it should be drunk only at the end of the meal.

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5. Breakfast

Milk and cereal, chocolate balls, stars – favorite product not only children but also many adults. Manufacturers claim that it is nutritious and balanced meal. But in fact, this Breakfast is fast carbs, which are digested instantly, hence the feeling of hunger will occur much until dinner time, which means you eat more and gain weight.

6. Muffins and cupcakes

Any products that contain in their composition the yeast and also used on an empty stomach, leading to bloating and serious digestive disorders. And cakes should not have a “before lunch”, that is, for Breakfast: your pancreas has not had time to Wake up, sweet on an empty stomach can cause irreparable harm both to her and liver. In addition to digestive functions, from sweet may affect brain activity: you will be harder to focus during the day.

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