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The doctors told me what a dangerous Allergy

Врачи рассказали, чем опасна аллергияMore and more people suffer from this problem.

Contrary to the popular belief that allergies are the scourge of our ecologically troubled century, the mysteries of this disease were on the minds of physicians since the time of Avicenna.

In the beginning of this century clearly pronounced allergic reaction to certain stimuli were associated with the presence in the blood of the patient of a substance. Half a century later, this substance was discovered, and now it is called immunoglobulin E.

Immunoglobulin E is itself a threat to health is not. The most significant concentrations are in the intestines and respiratory tract. However, people predisposed to allergic reactions, the immunoglobulin E is produced in excessive amounts. With food and inhaled air in the human body can also get protein compounds with which the immunoglobulin E reacts in a particular reaction. This reaction leads to the rapid pace of changes in the chemical composition of cells and the release in the body with special substances — histamine, which actually becomes the immediate cause of the allergic reaction, causing asthma symptoms, swelling of the throat, intestinal spasms, urticaria.

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In certain cases, when the amount of produced histamine that exceeds permitted limits, it fills the blood vessels, due to critical pressure drop, the patient may lose consciousness. This phenomenon doctors call anaphylactic shock.

With the improvement of methods for diagnostics and system health in General, and as medical science accumulates more and more knowledge about the disease, a depressing picture emerges of the spread of allergies, which can rightfully be called a plague of our century. Only in the countries of Northern Europe, by the most conservative estimates, allergies in one form or another exposed to more than 20 percent of the population. Intrigue of the disease lies in the fact that it is able to affect almost all body systems.

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