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The doctors told me how to clean the intestines without harm to health

Медики подсказали, как очистить кишечник без вреда для здоровьяFive effective methods of bowel cleansing.

The new year’s feast can result in human health problems. An overabundance of high-calorie foods on the menu, as well as alcohol, lead to such feelings as nausea, stomach heaviness, flatulence.

Often overeating and abuse of alcohol at the holiday table the instigators of poisoning, diarrhoea, vomiting.

Doctors say that the most important is to know when to cleanse your bowel from toxic substances, then no problems with digestion will not appear. There are enough proven methods of colon cleanse at home, but we picked five of the most effective ways especially for you:

1. To take a laxative. Doctors do not recommend to get addicted to pharmacy drugs fast deducing from an organism of the person remains unprocessed foods, toxins and other “junk”, because it is addictive. But in order to help your bowels to get rid of gravity, this method is quite optimal.

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2. To do enema. It is also important to be careful, because an inexperienced person may hurt himself. With an enema just a few minutes, the intestine is relieved from unwanted things, but also out of it and nutrients. So if you do an enema, not more than twice a week. And, by the way, water for the enema should not be hot and not cold, but slightly warm.

3. Go to raw foods. Doctors say that raw foodists have absolutely no problems with digestion, and all because of all the food that they eat, of vegetable origin, and therefore rich in fiber. If you need to clean your intestines, make 1-2 fasting day on apples, grapefruits or oranges.

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4. Drinking peppermint or chamomile tea. Data herbal teas have many beneficial properties, but they have in common is that they establish bowel function and gently cleanse it. The only rule in cleansing herbal teas is a rejection of any food, only allowed water.

5. Drink plenty of liquids. This is the easiest and fastest way to cleanse the intestine and other organs from toxins. You should drink in one day for about three liters of water and about their health can not worry, because the body is well cleaned.

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