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The doctors told me how tattoos affect the body women

Медики рассказали, как татуировки влияют на организм женщин The drawback of the application of a tattoo is an allergic reaction.

Tattoo is one of the most ancient ornaments of the person. It struck before our era. So, on the mummy of Princess Ukok, was found by archaeologists in the Altai, was discovered intricate tattoos. The age of the burial – V century BC.

“Tata” ancient Tahitian dialect translates as “drawing”. Hence the name of the image on the human skin. At first, they were a sign of hierarchical social differences. Then, at some time, applying tattoo on the body seemed gone. The second birth of the tattoo has gained in our country in Soviet times, camps for prisoners. Each figure on the body of the prisoner had a special meaning. Nobody had the right to apply a tattoo “not by rank.” About the meaning of criminal tattoos written entire books.

Today tattoo has become a fashion for, especially among young people. It is applied anywhere and in any quantity. The tattoo parlors in popularity to compete with hairdressing and nail salons. And just as they are of high quality and of the lowest class, where the quality of the work or for the client’s safety, no one answers.

The latter are a threat to the health of their customers. Scientists at the University of Washington surveyed 450 students, whose body was decorated with tattoos. 170 of them had complications after patterning on the skin. Doctors claim that during the procedure of tattooing a person can be infected more than two dozen diseases. And this occurs mainly in cheap, poorly equipped institutions.

Another disadvantage when applying the tattoo is an allergic reaction to the paint. And it can manifest after a very long time, especially in women.

Therefore, this procedure is generally contraindicated for people suffering from allergies. In addition, the ink for tattoos often contains lithium and lead. And if the concentration of these metals is high, a tattoo may later become an obstacle to MRI – magnetic resonance imaging. Deposited on the skin along with the paint particles of metal will not allow to give a reliable testimony on an MRI.

Dermatologist, doctor of the highest category Larisa Ivannikova warns: chemical analysis of various types of dyes used in the tattoos, showed that in many of them there is a high content of toxic substances that can cause cancer. The most dangerous are coloring mixtures, which discovered arsenic, Nickel, titanium, chromium, lead, cadmium. Any of these substances can give reaction even after several years. That’s enough for anyone to push. As last the woman can be any of the States: pregnancy, childbirth, some age-related changes.

Especially dangerous “black henna”. It is used mainly in summer when applying temporary tattoos. It includes paraphenylenediamine – a substance that causes severe allergic reactions. Doctors the American Academy of dermatology and the University of California found that black henna develops various forms of allergies. The more pattern, the more likely to get redness, itching, blistering, dermatitis, eczema. Dermatologists describe the cases when only one usage of black henna forever made the girl sensitive to this chemical.

Not so long ago American scientists researching the impact of tattoos on the body of young people, estimated that today one in five Americans has a decoration in the form of tattoos. And girls don’t want to give it to the guys. Scientists have identified the danger posed tattoo for women only.

Young girls carefree. They are trying to catch anyone fashionable trend to be like everyone else. Fashion tattoos: on arms, legs, hips, back, lower back – anywhere. Researchers at Washington University warning: for girls tattoos on the buttocks, thighs and lower back can have very serious consequences. So, when applying tattoos on the buttocks in women decreases local immunity. And when applied to the inner side of the thigh – blow of the entire immune system of the woman.

Tattoo on the lower back is a ticking time bomb. When a woman decides to become a mother during childbirth for analgesia is usually administered her epidural. It is this kind of anesthesia, when the whole becomes insensitive part of the body below the waist. The woman remains in consciousness, and the baby generally is no risk. This procedure is performed only by very experienced anesthesiologists, as the slightest error will result in tissue damage of the spinal cord. But if a woman has lower-back tattoo to do this type of anesthesia does not take any one doctor. The reason is in the paint, which made the tattoo. During epidural anesthesia the paint particles can easily penetrate into the spinal cord, and the risk of complications increases exponentially.

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