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The doctors told me how not to poison with nitrates

Медики подсказали, как не отравиться нитратамиSpring vegetables can be dangerous.

Still far from the first spring leaves on the trees, but on the shelves of markets and supermarkets have “green” early radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes, salad… to grow early vegetables, agronomists use greenhouses, artificial light and heat, and for fast ripening – fertilizer. Some of these stimulating substances, especially nitrates that are harmful to human health. Let’s see what we get more from the use of early spring vegetables – good or bad.

Where nitrates

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Brand basicrate vegetables does not happen, because the nitrate nitrogen is included in the composition of the soil and plants absorb it through their roots. But a small amount of organic nitrates contained in vegetables is absorbed and converted into protein. To grow harmful to the health of the harvest and his dacha, or garden, so don’t just blame agronomists in bad faith. Nitrates accumulate in the vegetables under the influence of not only of fertilizers, but in low light, drought and Vice versa – excessive moisture, temperature change, etc., Those vegetables that grow in the shade and watered less will have a higher nitrate content.

Leaders on the content of nitrates are:

– lettuce;
– Kale;
early greens: spinach, green onion, dill;
– radishes.

The average amount of nitrates contained in:

– cauliflower;
– broccoli;
– cucumbers;
– celery;
– the zucchini;
– radish;
– carrots;
– the cabbage.

The least nitrate contains:

– Brussels sprouts;
– peas;
– beans;
– sweet pepper;
– potatoes;
– tomatoes;
– onions onions.

How to choose early spring vegetables

Early spring vegetables will help to reduce seasonal deficiencies, despite the fact that the vitamins in them are much smaller than in ground seasonal fruits. Nutritionists say that early vegetables fill our body mainly vitamins C and R. However, when excess in the early vegetables of nitrates, people can get poisoned. Eating vegetables, the nitrate content in which the above norm, it is possible to cause oxygen starvation of the tissues and cells of the body and the formation of carcinogenic substances.

Nitrates in larger quantities are accumulated in larger vegetables.

So buying early vegetables, pay attention to important factors:

– choose greens with a long, fresh leaves dark green, without yellowing;

– when choosing cucumbers take fruits with dark, solid and thin skin, if they are preserved dried flowers – a sign of freshness;

– when selecting cabbage pay attention to its weight (should be light) and hardness (not very hard, crushed with a little pressure);

choose radishes should be dark, not have yellow spots, firm and evenly “painted”;

green onions should have a pronounced boundary between the white part and green “feathers”.

In General, parsley, dill and onions can be grown even on the window sill, not having a garden or suburban area.

How to protect yourself from nitrates in vegetables early

To protect themselves from poisoning by nitrates, do not hesitate to ask the seller a certificate of quality products. For vegetables that are verified by agroconsortium on the permissible content of nitrates, be sure to have documents. In the markets the quality of vegetables check veterinarno-sanitary laboratories and also issue permits. If such documents, the seller is not, you risk to buy the vegetables of questionable manufacture.

Buy vegetables proven stores or from friends. The fruit should be firm, without damage. Storing vegetables in cool and dry place. Remember, the best vegetables are those that grow in your region.

Lowering the nitrate content in vegetables that have already purchased, will help the following rules:

– thorough washing of vegetables, removing leaves, peel and other parts of the greatest accumulation of nitrates, cutting green parts of potatoes, carrots, etc.;

– soak vegetables in cold water (15-20 min). It is especially important to soak before washing and use of herbs;

– add to salads, vegetables, lemon or pomegranate juice – it destroys nitrate compounds;

– do not store vegetables for a long time, especially in the heat and keep in the fridge bole of the day already prepared salads, juices and thawed vegetables. Otherwise, nitrates are converted into nitrites – carcinogens that cause cancer.

Useful tips

Vegetables can be subjected to heat treatment, but do not forget that a part of vitamins is lost. Fresh vegetables – is a real vitamin bomb. Eat these foods raw.

Buying green onions, dill and parsley, note their color, it should not be dark green. Otherwise, it can be argued that the greens are sprayed with nitrate.

When choosing cauliflower, look below at the bottom has leaves. If not, then it is likely that they have dried up from a large number of fertilizers.

Cut the skin of the vegetable and the stalk to remove any stock. There is a high concentration of nitrates.

Bright color of the fruit or the perfect form of it also should alert you.

Know that yellow spots on cucumber talking about elevated levels of nitrates, green areas on potato tubers is also harmful.

Drain the first broth with any vegetable. This will remove about half of the nitrates with the fetus.

Do not forget that each vegetable ripening, so do not rush your purchase. The onset of the season does not mean that you can relax to buy any vegetables.

First aid for poisoning by nitrates

If after the use of fresh early vegetables began to hurt the stomach, you feel the so-called cramps, started vomiting or diarrhea, it is possible that poisoning with nitrates. In this case, you need to:

– to empty the stomach, causing vomiting;

to drink activated charcoal or other adsorbent;

– if after an hour or two it gets worse – call an ambulance.

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