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The doctors told me how I was not going to recover in the New year

 Медики подсказали, как не поправится на Новый годWhat and how to eat, not to gain extra pounds.

Often to the long-awaited New year hard to lose weight and then the weight returns with a vengeance. Who can resist that polakomitsya festive dishes. And they are often very high in calories, and a cheerful mood combined with alcohol only increase appetite.

How to get better during the holidays, said chief freelance nutritionist MOH, President of the Association of dietitians of Ukraine Oleg Shvets.

– Most importantly – to celebrate in a good mood! There are certain psychological and hormonal effects on digestion, on how much a person uses food and alcohol. Good mood is the key to measure everything, – said Oleg Shvets. – During the festival, as usual, should prevail in plant food. The perfect combination: 75% vegetables and 25% animal. But the dishes that passed technological processing – confectionery, sausages and pates, on the contrary, should be less. It is desirable to limit pickles, sweet fruit, compote or preserves in large quantities is also not recommended.

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If you decide on the next or the day after the feast, to arrange a fasting day, it will not be superfluous. The main thing – not to give this day entirely from food. You can, for example, make it vegetarian and do not eat food with animal fats. But if you compare the effectiveness of a moderate feast and fasting day, the measure, of course, more effective. If you are moderate in eating, you do not need to be fasting days.

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