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The doctors told me how I “recover” at the nervous breakdown

Врачи подсказали, как "прийти в себя" при нервном срывеThis condition must be fought.

Psychologists refer to three main ways to help yourself for a nervous breakdown.

Psychological discharge. You just need to release all your emotions out, shout, cry, swear obscenities – anything. But please, not in public.

Let off steam? Now shake it off: wash your face with cold water, come to the window, just stay a few moments in silence and regroup with my thoughts;
If possible – get some sleep. Sleep “refresh” your mind and help the nervous system to rest from negative emotions.

Some tips to prevent nervous breakdowns:

Get rid of any negative emotion. For example, if they are connected with some man- take away all the memories about him and try not to face in everyday life. And remember: offense is treated with forgiveness, and guilt – an apology.

Switch. If you feel that’s about to lose it, occupy yourself with something else. At least pour yourself a Cup of tea and see something distracting: let it be even a cute video of a kitten.

Do not forget about the rest: daily do it yourself at least 20 minutes for relaxation. Often walk in the fresh air alone: it helps to gather my thoughts and put in order nerves.

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