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The doctors told me how I easily and permanently get rid of sugar addiction

Медики подсказали, как легко и надолго избавится от сахарной зависимостиAddiction to sugar is stronger than dependence on cocaine, about this recently talking scientists.

Around refined sugar soars much speculation and confirmed information about its dangers, but not all people fight with sweet addiction, although she suffers the vast majority of, starting from an early age to deep senility.

Than dangerous dependence on sugar?

This product is artificial, so nothing useful to the body it can bring. The only advantage of a stretch – this increase the level of glucose in the blood, which favorably affects the brain. But here scientists are convinced that sugar might not provide adequate carbohydrates for the brain, like honey, for example.

Sugar contributes to obesity, development of hypertension, skin rashes and other health problems, which many would like to avoid.

How to get rid of sugar addiction?

Scientists offer several options. One of the most effective is a gradual decrease in the number of sugar and mixing it to a minimum. After all, to give up sugar not necessarily enough just to stop being dependent from him and throw rich sugar foods and dishes.

For this you will need during the month instead of sugar to eat natural sweets like honey, fruits, berries, dried fruits. It is necessary to diversify the diet, to not bore and did not have time to buy a candy bar or drink a Latte on the way to work. Meals should not be less than 5, but the portions are small.

Proteins and fiber is what will allow your brain to get the right components and do not require sugar, so lean on lean meats, lean fish, eggs, cereals, fresh vegetables and so on.

The first couple of weeks in tea and coffee can put honey, and then try to drink these drinks without it. If not, then it is possible to exclude them from the diet and drinking plain water.

A month later, you will join in and the sugar will become not-so-important product.

One day, while drinking your coffee without sugar, you will remember that previously were dependent and could not help myself, and now not only freed from the ill-fated love for sugar and sweets, and become healthy and beautiful.

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