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The doctors told me how I don’t sleep through the alarm

Медики подсказали, как не проспать будильник  German psychologists have given 5 simple tips that will help you never miss the signals of alarms.

Although for most people a Wake-up call in the morning is a powerful irritant, without this simple device many of us are not able to get up in time to go to work.

Do not put the alarm too close. Its proximity allows you to quickly turn off the alarm at the first signs that will immediately immerse the person in a dream. Try to set the alarm clock at a distance and get out of bed to turn it off. This is an effective way to Wake up. But don’t put the alarm clock too far, otherwise you just do not hear it.

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Set the alarm for signals every 15 minutes for an hour before you really need to Wake up and get up. This will provide sufficient time for the preparation of the brain and the rest of the body to the morning rise.

If the alarm is set in the mobile phone, then use gradually increasing the volume with each new signal. Thus, you simply will not be able to ignore the work of the alarm clock and Wake up fast.

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If the clock sits on the table beside the bed, then make sure to activate the vibration signal. In contact with a solid surface alarm clock with vibration emits a much louder sound, and you will have no option but to climb out of bed.

Don’t put the alarm clock soothing sounds. Of course, the sharp sound of a pioneer forge in the morning will be extremely going to be unpleasant, and thus the stress level can rise. But if the alarm is kind of soothing Symphony music, then by this signal you can sleep even tighter.

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