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The doctors told me how at home to reduce the pressure

Врачи подсказали, как в домашних условиях снизить давлениеThese methods are most effective in the treatment of hypertension.

Updated recommendations for blood pressure the American heart Association (AAC) indicate that many people, especially the elderly, will now be diagnosed with high blood pressure – hypertension.

President of the AAS and cardiologist John Warner (John Warner) told the American edition of Newsweek on some measures, the effectiveness of which in reducing the high pressure has been proved by scientists:

Lose weight.

Lost every kilogram systolic blood pressure falls by about 1 mm Hg. article

Eat right.

Select diet a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, wholegrain products and milk products with lower fat content, reduce salt intake (up to 1000 mg/day of sodium is about 0.5 tsp) and enter the menu, the more potassium (3500-5000 mg/day is the amount, for example, contains 1-1. 5 kg of bananas), which are rich already mentioned bananas, potatoes, avocados, and dark leafy vegetables.

Move more.

Mandatory 90-150 minutes per week of physical activity — both aerobic and strength.

Limit alcohol.

Of course, personal responsibility for their lifestyles in health is important, but, unfortunately, our choices are influenced by a number of peculiarities of the social and political environment.

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