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The doctors told it to brew contraindicated

Медики рассказали кому квас противопоказанDespite the use of kvass, a lot of it should not be used.

As with any product kvas has contraindications.

Harm kvass can experience for yourself, especially people suffering from acute and chronic diseases of the stomach.

Ulcer can’t stand the presence of milk and fruit acids contained in the brew. Heartburn, heaviness in the stomach is guaranteed that in case of consumption of kvass in large quantities, even possible remission of the disease.

Contraindications in this case is quite tough, which is justified.

Not recommended drink for cancer, liver disease and bladder in the acute phase, the fermentation can cause the colitis, enteritis.

Contraindications obvious in the cases of individual intolerance of the product. Not shown kvass to people with allergies, pregnant women, children and the drivers, since the beverage contains a small percentage of alcohol.

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