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The doctors told him what the product effectively cleanses the body of toxins

Врачи рассказали, какой продукт эффективно очищает организм от токсиновNeedles has a sufficient number of active substances to fight the pollutants in the body.

Methods of cleansing the body as a whole very much, but it is safer and more effective to use a mixture of herbs.

Doctors strongly against the use of hard methods of purification of the body, and the more untested drugs and dietary Supplements that promise miracle results, but often only harm the health. But against light herbal concoctions that spur the immune system and trigger metabolic processes in the body, specialists have nothing against it.

There is a lovely proven and not time-consuming and means a prescription, the doctor told Victoria Savitskaya. Start with the fact that freeze water in the freezer, allow it to melt. In melt water add five tablespoons young pine needles, a couple of spoonfuls of onion peel, and the same hips. Boil all this for 10 minutes and filtering, leave to infuse overnight. In the morning the mixture should again put on fire and boil for ten minutes. Then leave the broth overnight. Well, the next day we begin to drink this healing remedy throughout the day (ideally at intervals of one and a half to two hours) one tablespoon.

This simple recipe is a “boosts” the body’s defenses, starts the mechanism of self-purification, removes deposited toxins.

Proved to be excellent and this recipe: per liter of clean water add a handful of dried and powdered burdock root. Boil 10 minutes over high heat, then proverjaem on low heat, add a tablespoon of the red clover, elderberry, and peppermint.

“Allow broth to cool, strain and drink during the week at the one-third Cup for 30 minutes before eating. Over the next 7 days – twice a day, following 7 days once daily in the morning on an empty stomach. This is a good recipe because in addition to the purification of toxins, helps purify the blood and liver, and after a course improves condition of skin, hair and nails,” says the doctor.

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