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The doctors told both to quit Smoking and lose weight

Медики подсказали как одновременно бросить курить и похудетьFor many people, Smoking and love of food, leading to excess weight and not only that, almost an equal proportion, so doctors suggest to deal with them simultaneously.

Smokers and those who suffer from obesity, a familiar state when you want to quit the habit of Monday or tomorrow, but he can’t overcome himself. Even more difficult for those people who love to eat much and I can not give up cigarettes. But physicians still have a solution to this problem and they suggested how to deal with it.

First of all you need to make some adjustments:

– a time to give up coffee, because many in the form of a Cup of coffee once an Association with cigarette Smoking will be mega-difficult;

– not to buy more cigarettes, but instead buy nuts, dried fruit, sunflower seeds, apples, and other useful products which can easily replace a smoke without harm to the figures;

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– Jogging in the morning or visit the gym is necessary, because the smoker with the extra weight will be clearly shown that cigarettes and junk food, to put it mildly, kill his health. After the smoked cigarette to the person having 10-30 or more extra pounds will be hard to go, not to mention running or performing any exercise. Plus, it’s extra motivation to still quit Smoking, lose weight and become as beautiful and healthy as all the athletes.

How to eat to lose weight and to quit Smoking:

1. Often, but small portions. In the process of quitting cigarettes there is an overwhelming sense of hunger, it is possible to handle, if you eat 5-6 times a day small portions.

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2. More plant foods, less animal. Herbal products have virtually no calories when compared with foods of animal origin. Thus, if you overeat because of the desire to smoke, you won’t get better.

3. Fish should be present in the diet because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids promotes the normal functioning of the organism as a whole.

4. To drink more fluids. It is not only about water but also about tea, herbal tea and so on. Fluid displays the body of toxins that got there along with food and cigarette smoke.

5. Forget about fast food. Only natural foods, not Packed with preservatives and other additives, will help to really lose weight and quit Smoking without mental stress.

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