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The doctors tell you what to do for food poisoning

Медики подсказали, что нужно делать при пищевом отравлении[b]it is Very important to learn to provide the patient with poisoning first aid before arrival of doctors.[/b]

Usually, poisoning is due to the fact that the food ingested was contaminated with pathogenic microorganisms. In this case, doctors diagnosed as “food poisoning”. To ignore the symptoms of poisoning in any case impossible, because the consequences can be fatal. Therefore, [b]the doctors told [url=]what to do for food poisoning[/url]

1. [b]to Call for an ambulance.[/b] Even if at first glance, the symptoms of poisoning do not appear life-threatening, you must see a doctor. In the practice of infectious diseases, often there are cases of poisoning with fatal outcome. At risk patients who consumed such products: mushrooms, meat, canned fish, eggs. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

2. [b]to Wash out the stomach.[/b] not To “lubricate” the history of the disease and the doctor could make a correct diagnosis, it is not recommended a different medication. But gastric lavage with water is correct and safe for health and life in General. You have to take at least a liter of water and then induce vomiting. The procedure should be repeated until the vomit is clear.

3. [b]to Do a cleansing enema[/b]. It is necessary for purgation, because pathogens are rapidly absorbed into the walls of the digestive system and if you do not release the body from them in a matter of urgency, the harmful effects can not be avoided.

4. [b]Make the absorbent.[/b] the Most simple and affordable black or white coal. You need to take coal from calculation 1 tablet on 10 kg of patient weight. But this method is practically ineffective in cases of poisoning with poisonous mushrooms, eggs, Salmonella, and meat, which was inhabited by the bacterium “botulinum” provoking severe food poisoning.

5. [b]Replenish lost body for poisoning liquid.[/b] vomiting and diarrhea lead to dehydration which can be a complication of poisoning and cause the body more damage. It is therefore very important to drink boiled water in twice the quantity.

[b]When all items of first aid for food poisoning is made, it is necessary to follow the additional recommendations of the medical profession:[/b]

– not to burden the body with food, preferably 2-3 days after the poisoning to eat lean foods;

– bed rest should be kept for at least a day after the poisoning, the human body is weakened and you must give him time to recover;

– the manifestation of the symptoms of food poisoning for more than 2 days and fever — immediately call “ambulance”.

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