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The doctors tell her who it is useful to drink alkaline water

Врачи рассказали, кому полезно пить щелочную воду In some cases this water is not useful, and harmful.

Global trend of rejuvenation, healthy lifestyle and old age is deferred consumption of alkaline water. What is this drink? This is actually ordinary water with altered levels of alkali and acids.

Alkalization can have a natural origin (such water is obtained from springs, mountain streams, etc.) or water enriched with a special treatment, such as ionisation. Measurement condition with a pH (potential of hydrogen) – it reflects the measure of the acidity or alkalinity of any substance, including water.

The equilibrium (neutral) environment has a mark – 7, the indicator below the neutral from 1 to 7 are defined as acidic, figures 7 to 14 show that the environment is alkaline. According to the fashion trend, alkaline water neutralizes the acidic environment, which is the improvement of the body, and some believe that this is the real prevention of cancer.

The internal environment of the body

Some truth in the fact that acidity affects the health, is. If the system power is dominated by fast food, fast food, fizzy drinks with artificial dyes, as well as a large amount of sugar, the body zakislate. Acidic environment significantly disrupts the functioning of internal organs, slows down the metabolism, provokes diseases and chronic inflammation. About this scheme explains why the person needs to change drinking habits.

This is a rather simplistic approach, as the pH in the different organs, e.g. blood pH is 7.4, which is almost a neutral indicator. The volume of blood can cause significant health damage, oscillations can occur only within a very narrow range without risk to health. But the level of acidity in other organs different and may, without prejudice to the health to change on a wide scale. For example, in the stomach environment is very acidic, which allows food to digest smoothly.

What happens to alkaline water in the body

The human body has great strength and great self-control, although it is always possible to break the functionality of the system, but this should be done for a very long time. For example, for several years to eat harmful food, but even in this case the patient will help in the first place diet and change in diet. But some people prefer the easy way, for example, start drinking alkaline water. The gullible supporters are dubious innovations often become fans of a healthy lifestyle, preferring to trust my own illusions, not to experts.

The researchers argue that there is no scientific evidence that alkaline water changes the pH balance in the body. What happens to the alkaline liquid when released into the acidic environment of the stomach – it neutralized before the water gets into the blood. High acidity of gastric juice due to the need to kill the pathogenic flora, to break down the incoming food. Alkaline water, once in the stomach, almost immediately changes the pH level. Doctors believe that drinking ionized liquid could not affect the body, too much acid or alkali will be disposed of through the kidneys and excreted through urine, increasing the burden on the relevant authorities.

Use happen?

Alkaline water can benefit people suffering from acidic reflux (heartburn). As demonstrated by some studies, the enzyme pepsin is dying in the stomach at pH 8. Pepsin is responsible for inflammatory processes in the ears, sinuses and throat, ingestion of alkaline water washes away the pathogen in the stomach, which greatly facilitates the condition of patients with heartburn.

The researchers indicated that risk from ingestion of alkaline water for healthy people has not yet been identified, but the study of its action on the human body continues. Defined and the range of pathologies in which the drinking of such liquids may lead to complications. For example, such water is contraindicated for people with kidney disease, primarily suffering from congenital renal tubular acidosis, these patients may experience nausea, vomiting, muscle TIC and confusion.

Additional risks

There is also a difference between the use of natural and artificial alkaline water. Chemical process, which creates some kinds of a liquid, strips the water of all essential minerals, vital for good health. In some types of treatment fall into the water contaminants. Experts recommend to use natural alkaline water.

Experts remind that the action of such water is poorly understood and in some cases can cause damage to health. The internal environment of the body of a healthy person copes with the regulation of pH levels in all organs of the body.

Alkaline water, coming from outside, in no way can affect the fluctuations of acidity. As physicians consider self-regulation is a guarantee that the condition will be in perfect balance. Experts remind that drinking water must, and fashionable trends do not have scientific evidence that can damage health.

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