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The doctors suggested who are facing low back pain and how to avoid it

Врачи подсказали, кому грозит остеохондроз и как его избежать Low back pain – the scourge of all mankind.

This disease holds in his hands more than 85% people in the world and is the price that people paid for walking upright. With back pain experienced almost every. Cause of almost all troubles with the back – low back pain.

The disease is associated with pathological changes of bone and cartilaginous tissues of the spine. They can be caused by metabolic disturbances, prolonged mechanical or static effects, and also age-related changes. Women are more likely to suffer from osteoarthritis, but men have it much harder. But the most unpleasant that low back pain is a problem of the whole body, not just the spine.

Through the nerve channels of the spine affects all the internal organs. That means hitting some areas of the spine, osteochondrosis disrupts the nervous system and its periphery, which in turn affects the functioning of all internal organs, as the weight they are directly connected with the spinal cord.

Questions spine does a doctor a neurologist or a spine. In “Dobrobut” medical network for treatment and prevention of osteochondrosis developed and successfully used: various massage techniques and physiotherapy, soft manual techniques aimed at stretching, modern methods of physical rehabilitation.

The complex of all these methods, individual approach to each patient allows to reach the maximum result for a long time.

The causes of the disease

Restriction of motor activity (hypodynamia) is accompanied by a sedentary lifestyle. It is accompanied by a decrease in the intensity of metabolic processes in bone and the surrounding cartilage tissue. The person loses muscle mass, the various segments of the spine are beginning degenerative changes, which leads to pathological changes of the properties of support and shock-absorbing apparatus of the spine.

One of the causes of osteochondrosis where you should stop, – sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise.

This factor applies to all representatives of mental labor, whose lot is a sedentary Desk job. A sedentary lifestyle changes the intensity and structure of the spine, causes a change of the curves and the pressure distribution of the intervertebral discs.

Evolution for hundreds of thousands of years, has honed the skills of human survival in extreme conditions. The main factor in natural selection was the ability of a person to move constantly, whether chasing prey or Vice versa – an attempt to save his life and escape from the pursuer. Besides, the old man constantly changed the location and the area of residence that also demanded long trips.

And here, adapted to physical exercise the body today is placed in a confined narrow space of the apartment, office, car. As a result – obesity, degradation in muscle and bone tissue, including the spine.

For employees of the office work is typical cervical osteochondrosis accompanied by pain in the neck, upper extremities, headaches, dizziness, numbness of the fingers. The healthy functioning of the tissues of the spine directly depends on the strength and endurance of back muscles and ligaments. Than they are stronger and tougher, the less the strain on discs and joints. Of course, in addition to a sedentary lifestyle, there are a range of factors – ecological state of the environment, poor diet, bad habits.

Treatment of degenerative disc disease

Treatment of osteoarthritis should be comprehensive in nature. The treatments can be, both conventional and unconventional. Osteochondrosis refers to those diseases which are acquired during a person’s life. So it is much easier to prevent disease than to treat it.

And now the sad part: with all the development of modern medicine, there is no complete answer to the questions: “What is the cause of osteochondrosis? (there are more than 30 theories), how it develops, and most importantly – how to treat low back pain?” In fact, all modern treatment of this disease – a simple pain relief and prevention of exacerbations.

Prophylactic measures for prevention of osteochondrosis it is necessary to pay attention to activities like self-massage, self-correct, samovyrazheniya, exercise, swimming, nature walks.
Prevention of osteoarthritis

For knowledge workers, spending most of the time at the table, it is necessary to do breaks every 50-60 minutes, stand up from the workplace and some room to move. Five minutes is enough, but just be sure to include a few exercises for the spine –extension, flexion scrolling.In the warm-up is also important to include exercises for back muscles.

The key role of the muscles of the lower back – rectifiers of the spine. As a result of training it creates a strong and sustainable the muscles that hold the spine in physiological position. The ideal would be access to a swimming pool. If you had a weekend or vacation, try to spend it in movement, and not on the couch or on the beach.

Important! If you have back problems, try to eliminate the inclinations of a trunk forward.

If the sport wasn’t your favorite and you suddenly decided to live a healthy lifestyle, try to do it without jerks and sudden movements. Otherwise you risk to injure the spine.

For people leading a sedentary lifestyle is extremely recommended periodic massages of the back.

We should not forget about proper nutrition. Osteochondrosis is not desirable to use smoked products, spices and salty foods. Will be useful to all products that relate to healthy eating: greens, vegetables, seeds, dairy products, fish, meat with a small amount of fat.

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