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The doctors suggested what to do first with vitamin deficiency

Врачи подсказали, что делать в первую очередь при авитаминозеDeficiency disease — a very unpleasant condition in which the human body is seriously affected.

May be increased weakness, fatigue, problems with the performance. In addition, the lack of vitamins affects a person’s appearance, you start to break nails, hair becomes dry, the skin loses its healthy color, acquiring an earthy hue. Especially is characteristic of this condition for the end of winter, when the body is exhausted changes in temperature, rainfall, frosts, etc. to correct the situation is not so difficult. There are many available ways to regain health.

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Despite the fact that about the food in the spring, it would seem that everyone knows, mistakes in the preparation of menu is done quite a lot. So, for example, to improve your health and significantly increase the body’s defenses, enough to transfer the power in “plant mode”. Do not sit on a diet and limit yourself to food from this organism can only become worse. But to prioritize so that the table was attended by more plant components is possible. Doctors often recommended to diversify the diet in late winter raw food: vegetables, salads etc. This will give the body more nutrients and minerals which cooking products can be lost.

Spring is especially recommended to eat cabbage. It is inexpensive, is available in any store and it is literally indispensable for a person who lacks vitamins. This vegetable contains a huge amount of valuable and useful substances. Is glucose, sucrose, carotenoids. Moreover, it is rich in vitamin C, nicotinic acid, thiamine, Riboflavin, folic acid etc And it has a lot of calcium, magnesium, iron, lead, Nickel, silver, etc. that is why sauerkraut in the spring — a real panacea for ailments.

Also at this time of the year advised to eat baked apples: they allow you to obtain a large amount of vitamins, and continuing with careful preparation.

Additionally suggest to apply and vitamin complexes. They help to restore the balance of nutrients and trace elements in depleted over the winter the body.

Changing the mode

Change the mode of the day — part of the rehabilitation of the body after the cold season. Chronic fatigue develops not only on the background of the temperature difference on the street and spring slush. In fact, often the problem appears because of the banal lack of sleep. After all, at the junction of winter and spring, he felt much stronger. Therefore, you should sleep at least 8-9 hours. And therefore, you should arrange your schedule to have more time to rest.

A great addition to vitality will be contrasting washing. For those who are health permits, will fit douche. But it is simply to alternate the water when washing your face. The perfect solution is the use of ice cubes, for example, from herbal concoctions. This option is tones the body.

Often people feel tired and exhausted, ignoring the fresh air. And absolutely nothing! Even easy exercise allows you to restore your spirits, saturate the body with oxygen. Just walk for a couple of hours before bedtime, and do it briskly. So the blood is dispersed through the body faster, and man begins to feel considerably more cheerful.

As adjunctive therapy suggest, and acupressure. Worth a little bruise on his fingers — it can be done, for example, when applying the cream to feel much better. Fatigue recedes almost instantly.

The air and ultraviolet

In winter, the person does not have enough sun. And sun baths are an excellent tonic. Solution will be the use of quartz lamps. However, it is worth it to be careful. But the effect of light tan can still be achieved. Is to use and aromatherapy. An excellent choice will be the smells of lemon, orange, etc. you Can add the oil in the lamp, and can drip a few drops in the bath water.

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