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The doctors suggested, what kind of fruit enhance the potency

Медики подсказали, какие фрукты усиливают потенциюExperts told which fruit is good for men.

American scientists have explained, what fruits can increase the potency of men.

The researchers came to the conclusion that proper nutrition can affect this function of the male body.

It turned out that positively influences the potency of men eating fruit. However, not everyone, but only some. Despite the fact that other fruits do not affect the function of the body.

The researchers conducted lengthy tests that helped to determine what kind of fruit can impact and came to the conclusion that the most effective is recognized as avocados, bananas and dates. It is the consumption of these vegetables if other indicators are equal, can affect the human body and maintain the tone male potency.

At the same time, all of them products is best avocado. The fact is that this fruit is rich in vitamin a, potassium and fatty acids. This product is especially important to eat vegetarians, since he is able even to replace the body red meat and to fill the shortage of nutrients.

It is also helpful to eat a banana. It is possible to prepare a powerful aphrodisiac, simply mix the bananas with walnuts and curry. These products are important in sufficient quantity to add in food that maintain potency at a fairly high level and not have problems with it even in old age, when many suffer from problems in this area of life.

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