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The doctors suggested what drink helps to lose weight without dieting

Медики подсказали, какой напиток поможет похудеть без диетJust three cups of this drink per day and you will slim.

Experts from the Netherlands were able to prove that green tea is the perfect drink for weight loss.

With regular use of green tea people will quickly lose fat. Scientists estimate that at observance of simple rules in one year, you can get rid of 6.5 kg of pure fat with this beverage. To lose weight without diets and fasting, you must drink three cups of green tea daily.

In this number, this drink is able to dissolve the fat deposits. The specialists said that green tea does not affect muscle mass, that is, the person loses weight without compromising their shape, leaving only the body fat. The scientists added that many diets do not give such a result and very often lead to sagging muscles, but green tea is able to maintain muscle mass.

If you were to drink three cups of green tea daily, your energy consumption will increase by a record 5%. This means that under the same exercise and the same food you literally out of the blue expend more calories (a necessary factor to burn calories).

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