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The doctors suggested what alcoholic drink is good for the liver

Врачи подсказали, какой алкогольный напиток полезен для печениScientists have discovered the beneficial properties of beer.

Experts from the German University of Erlangen-Nuremberg showed a positive impact on human health the two substances in the composition of beer.

The corresponding article was published on the University website.

We are talking about a chemical compound called xanthohumol and ISO-alpha-bitter acids contained in hops.

The study group of experts under the guidance of Professor Klaus Hellerbrand found that the substance xanthohumol able to prevent fatty liver caused by obesity and poor diet and also prevent the formation of scars on the tissues of the body.

In addition, as experts have found, this compound can destroy cancer cells in the liver and prevent weight gain.

In turn, ISO-alpha-bitter acids contained in beer, can inhibit the development of liver damage, they also have a positive effect on glucose metabolism and fat metabolism.

The extent to which these substances may be used in the fight against obesity, diabetes, and cancer, should show a subsequent study, experts noted.

However, due to the presence in the beverage alcohol unambiguously positive effect on human health can only have non-alcoholic beer and other products containing hops, the scientists concluded.

Xanthohumol refers to vegetable polyphenols – aromatic compounds that provide the color and taste of plants. The substance is exclusively in hops, and is responsible for the yellow hue of its fruit.

Another ingredient of hops are the bitter acids, which give beer its characteristic taste. Part of them are alpha-acids, which are converted into ISO-alpha acids after heating in the brewing process.

Earlier, Italian scientists came to the conclusion that one pint (about half a liter) of beer a day has a beneficial effect on the heart because of anti-oxidants, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium and potassium.

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