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The doctors suggested the most useful way of cooking rice

Медики подсказали самый полезный способ приготовления рисаMillions of people cook rice incorrectly, thereby putting his health at significant risk.

This opinion was expressed by experts in the field of healthy nutrition from Ireland.

For more correct boiling rice to add to the pot with more water and let it steep over night. Only in this way is achieved the maximum effect in the removal of rice all traces of hazardous arsenic, as shown by experiments.

Arsenic gets into rice and poison it with industrial toxins and pesticides that can remain in the soil for decades. Note that experts have long debated what level of arsenic is safe for human health. The new figures were approved by the regulatory agencies of the European Union in 2016. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Chronic effects on the body of the toxin is due to a number of serious health problems, including developmental disorders in children, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer. The experiments showed that the method of boiling rice is the key in reducing the content of this poison. Professor Queens University Belfast Andy Meers, along with colleagues tested three ways of cooking rice specially for TV program “Trust me I’m a doctor,” the BBC news channel.

In the first method he used was recommended on many packages, the ratio of water and rice two to one, in which water evaporates completely while cooking. During the second he poured 5 bowls of water one serving of rice, subsequently draining the excess fluid. The level of arsenic in cooked rice was decreased by almost half. During the third method, the scientist left the rice soak in water over night, and then the level of threat to the health of the toxin decreased by 80%.

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