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The doctors suggested that how to remove warts

Врачи подсказали, как самостоятельно удалить бородавкиHow to get rid of unpleasant warts.

The cause of growths on the skin is the human papilloma virus. Known for more than a hundred varieties of microorganism. In ancient times witches were depicted with large warts on the nose. A popular rumor linked the appearance of warts from frogs and toads.

Modern research has shown that the appearance of the growths has nothing to do with amphibians and especially has nothing to do with magic. The doctors figured out what to do to get rid of warts.

How are warts?

Be infected with a papilloma can be in direct contact with a carrier of the virus. At the same time, the disease may not develop. A lot depends on the condition and activity of human immunity. In viral lesions of individual areas of the skin cells mutate and begin to grow faster. The infection can penetrate through small cracks or cuts on the skin.

The risk of infection increases if the immune system is suppressed by illness or medication. Warts are considered harmless to health and, in most cases, resolve themselves in a few years. But people try to get rid of warts, as they cause embarrassment and inconvenience.
Conventional medicine offers surgical methods to remove growths. Warts are burned with electric current, laser and freeze with cryotherapy. In some cases, the treatment leads to side effects, is accompanied by irritation, pain, skin rash, weakness.

Natural therapies can be effective for most people. Homemade methods are not as expensive and do not lead to impairment of health. In home therapy for warts apply the essential oil.

Oil of oregano acts as a natural antibiotic. The product has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Oil reduces pain, disinfects the skin and destroys the colony fungi. The oil is very actively burns the warts, but can cause temporary skin irritation.

For the preparation of a therapeutic composition of four drops of the ether are mixed with two spoons of olive oil. The mixture is applied to the wart five times a day.
Lemongrass oil prevents the appearance of good treats warts and herpes of the first type. It is believed that skin care with oil of schisandra protects against the development of infections. Lemongrass oil, when used properly, does not cause irritation of the skin.

Tea tree oil has antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties. The product stops the development of bacterial infection and counteracts fungal defeat. Oil reduces the inflammation, relieves irritation and dry growths on the skin.

Active substance it is necessary to use carefully and spot, otherwise you can cause irritation of the skin. The area around the well cleared and build-up to the wart put a drop of oil. The treated area covered with a dressing and aged for eight hours.

Thyme oil is able to cure warts of any type. The product is effective to combat different types of infections. Active substance it is necessary to dilute with an inert carrier. As a base suitable coconut and olive oil.

Two drops of oil applied to the wart once a day. After a few days the wart begin to be covered by dead skin. Dead cells can be cleaned gently with a pumice stone while taking shower.

In ancient Chinese medicine warts fumigate the smoke of the leaves of a special breed of poplar. For acupressure, use the special smoke tube. No matter how strange it may seem this way, but it gives positive results. With traditional medicine is always difficult to argue. Hundreds of years healers have used thousands of different ways and in the end were very useful.

Antioxidants strengthen the immune system, stimulate the regeneration of skin and improve health. But effective may be not only the consumption of healthy products, but also point the impact of active substances on the skin.

Some types of infection can be eliminated with the help of vitamin C. pharmacy pill crumbles into a powder and mixed with water to a paste. Ointment to apply on the wart and the treatment site is closed with a bandage. It is believed that the active acids destroy HPV.

Homemade methods of dealing with warts

Among the homemade ways warts there are also quite original. In some cases, to get rid of warts duct tape helps. I must say that this method was repeatedly tested and gave good results. Deaf the bandage blocks the delivery of oxygen and stops the growth of warts.

For the procedure it is necessary to cut a piece of duct tape slightly larger than the wart. Apply the tape to the wart and aged six days. After removing the tape the affected area is soaked in water. Then the build-up gently cleaned with a pumice stone or fine emery cloth. The procedure is performed every day until the complete disappearance of the warts. If you do this treatment more than two months.

Apple cider vinegar has a high acidity and helps to destroy the growth. Externally, the vinegar acts just like duct tape and vitamin C. the Composition destroys the cells of the wart and stimulates the separation of the growth from the healthy skin.
A cotton ball soaked in vinegar is applied to the wart and then covered by the bandage.

Some plants contain active compounds that can affect HPV. The banana peel is a special enzyme that eats away the wart like acid. Useful substance scraped from the inside of the peel, is put on knot and closes with a bandage.

Wild spurge is composed of toxic substances. Eye contact is extremely unpleasant consequences. In traditional medicine the plant is used for warts. The product is only used topically, ingested, resulting in serious poisoning. The therapy uses the juice of the plant. The product is applied to the wart and held for a few hours. After treatment, exfoliated skin is removed with pumice. After that, the wart is coming off easily and leaves almost no trace. If necessary after some time the procedure can be repeated.

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