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The doctors suggested, in some cases it is necessary to drink mineral water

Врачи подсказали, в каких случаях нужно пить минеральную водуAll you need to know about mineral water.

Mineral water differs significantly in composition from ordinary purified water or water from the tap. So, mineral water contains large amounts of dissolved salts and various minerals that are necessary for our body. Let’s look at how to find a good mineral water the wrong in it.

The store is a lot of different bottles with a dining area and mineral water. But which ones to drink and which are not worth the effort?

So, mineral water is divided into several types depending on the amount of minerals in the composition. It is:

With a weak amount of minerals;
With a small amount;
With a high amount of minerals in the composition;

In treated mineral water contains up to 15 grams of minerals per liter. This water can be taken only when the indication of the doctor.

Mineral water

In turn, bottled mineral water sold in stores is divided into several variations that are worth paying attention to. The purpose of such water is usually written on the label in small letters under the brand name. So, mineral water in bottles is divided into:

Mineral water

Mineral water contains small amounts of trace elements. As a rule, 1 gram per liter of water. It has no medicinal properties, but also stimulates digestion. This water can be consumed in unlimited quantities, but, as we know, from two to three liters a day.

Just remember to cook with such water is not necessary – it leaves a residue. It is better to use regular drinking water.

Among the best representatives of table water can be identified – “Morshinska”, “Truskavetska” and “Mirgorod”.

Medical-table water

Medicinal-table mineral water contains up to 10 grams of minerals per litre. It should be taken in limited quantities. As the prevention of a liter of water a day will be enough.

Medicinal-table mineral water may contain the following components: iron, boron, iodine.

You can also find chloride, sulfate, gidrokarbonatnye iodized water. Each of them is aimed at solving health problems.

So, bicarbonate water is recommended for active sports, infants and cystitis. It has the property to lower the level of gastric juice. The most famous example of such water – bottled water “Polyana Kvasova”.

Chloride water is recommended for hypertension, it improves the metabolism in the body. Known to all “Myrgorodska” is one of the best “representatives” of the chloride water in the Ukrainian market.

Also, on the shelves in the supermarket, you can find some “elitist” types of mineral water which are also aimed at solving any health problems.

Water with oxygen. This water can saturate the blood with additional oxygen, which is very useful for metabolism. Oxygen the water is quite hard to find, but the label immediately indicates its presence.

Water with silver. Has disinfectant properties.

Water with iodine. Useful for people with a low level of iodine in the body. The iodized water is quite popular in the Ukrainian market – known to us, “Esentuki”, “Narzan” and “Borjomi” all the more saturated with iodine.

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So, knowing all of the long variety, you can choose on what kind of water to pay attention in the supermarket. The main thing is to trust the manufacturer.

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