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The doctors suggested how to run in winter

Медики подсказали, как правильно бегать зимойJogging is one of the most useful sports.

It has many advantages, because it is universal – you can run at any time of the year. In addition, it is available to all, as run the stadium does not require any material costs, as in the case of visiting the gym. Those who once started this sport, I don’t want to stop and reasonably believe that the cold season – no reason to stop exercising.

Running has beneficial effects on the entire body, to its useful properties include:

develop resistance to cool temperature, and as a result tempered the body;
lungs are developing, since during the run increasing their volume;
increases immunity, a person engaged in Jogging, hurts less;
oxygen enters the blood, which have a positive impact on its composition;
boost energy and improve overall health.

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Famous fitness trainer Igor Obukhov gives such sound advice on how to prepare for winter classes:

choosing the right clothing that moisture transfer is best bude buy underwear;
things run, must be light, so as not to cause overheating;
during the run should gradually increase speed and load, not to take immediately a high rate.

These tips can insert a few that are definitely worth considering:

to begin to run with a small sub-zero temperatures, and then you can move to more cool weather conditions;
clothing should be layered, which will properly distribute the heat during the run;
it is best to choose to run closed location such as a Park;
in no case should not be run for colds;
to do a warm-up before a run is ideal;
to protect from chapping will help lip balm and cream;
the duration of the run should increase gradually each time;
the breath must be done through the nose;
before the run do not be amiss to make a few SIPS of water;
shoes should be durable and water-repellent.

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