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The doctors suggested how to relieve leg swelling and fatigue

Медики подсказали, как избавить ноги от отеков и усталостиA few basic rules.

From morning to evening, our feet are experiencing a serious load. We raise hands heavy, crumbs, wear beautiful and fashionable high heels, long sitting in an awkward position at the computer. It is not surprising that more and more often complain of swelling, heaviness and fatigue in the legs.

Important foot care

All these symptoms are the first signs of impending varicose veins. To prevent these unpleasant symptoms is not difficult. Competent foot care includes: baths, gymnastics, selection of comfortable shoes, the use of therapeutic and cosmetic creams.

Be active!

Remember: most of all, your legs don’t like sitting and standing in one place. The blood stagnates, the veins, arteries and capillaries are not able to work, there is fluid retention, resulting in edema.

If you have to sit or stand, try every half hour to arrange a workout for the legs. You can just get up and walk down the hallway to the office, but you can do a few simple exercises. Roll your feet, walk on tiptoe, raise and lower toes, feet roll a ball or a pencil. First, what signal are you tired legs, is about the lack of movement. For the normal circulation of the leg muscles have to work. Fit swimming, yoga, Hiking (even one stop, passed on foot, will benefit!).

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Water relieves tired feet

In the evening you literally can’t feel my legs from fatigue? Come to the aid of simple procedure. First make a cool foot bath with sea salt. This will relieve pain and soothe a bit of the buzzing legs. Well help also contrast baths. You will need two basins with cold and warm water (40 °C). Put your feet first in warm water and then in cold. Series of 15-20 times. Finish the procedure with cold water. Then use a special cream for the tired legs. Suitable tool with menthol and other anti-edematous components.

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Will help self-massage

You can do the massage itself. There is nothing complicated. Just remember the principle: the movement should be directed from the periphery to the center. In other words, start rubbing and stroking from the toes, move on to the foot, move the leg, gastrocnemius muscle. After the massage, it is best to lie down a little, putting a foot pad that they are above heart level. Attention! When varicose veins massage without the advice of a doctor is unacceptable.

Don’t skimp on shoes

Try to walk barefoot – in this case, the massaged active points on the entire foot. Always pick up the shoes to size with a comfortable fit and a flexible sole.

If there’s an event that you want to wear the high heel shoes certainly bring a few to replace on the lower course.

And always use special creams to relieve fatigue and swelling of legs.

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