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The doctors suggested how to measure pressure

Медики подсказали, как правильно измерять давлениеBlood pressure increases when the heart contributes to the excessive increase in the pressure level in the arteries.

Heart rate are much stronger and at the same time, the heart muscle relaxes enough. In any case can not turn a blind eye because hypertension leads to very serious consequences.

In particular, high blood pressure causes the arteries become hard and narrow, as a result, the blood supply drops and is not sufficient risk for stroke.

Thickening of the arteries also leads to the fact that the kidneys receive insufficient amounts of blood, which causes kidney failure.

The load on the heart increases, thickened arteries are not working correctly, and it can lead to heart attack or develop congestive heart failure.

In addition, there is a risk of overloading of the arteries located on the feet, there is a risk of thrombosis. Hypertension can also cause deterioration of vision, worsening of the pancreas or lead to chronic headaches.

It is therefore important to constantly monitor the pressure and correct it to measure.

How to correctly measure blood pressure?..

The most accurate heart rate monitors are those which measure pressure in the brachial artery. Heart rate monitors worn on the wrist, it is not recommended to use constantly. They are not very accurate.

Important to have correct cuff. There are three cuff sizes: for children, for persons of moderate weight and obese patients. Cuff on the shoulder for electronic blood pressure monitors available in the following sizes: 15-22 cm coverage – for small children, 22-32 cm medium and 32-42 cm large. The use of an incorrect cuff may distort blood pressure numbers. For self use is better suited tonometer equipped with a locking metal ring on the cuff. Cuff with a ring allows you to wear it.

Measure blood pressure in the sitting position or lying down. If you are going to measure the pressure in the sitting position, you should relax and in no case do not sit legs crossed! Because it can lead to overestimation of blood pressure. Arm where you are measuring pressure, must be at heart level. If the arm is below heart level, the pressure can be slightly higher.

Measure the pressure three times in a row every five minutes. Even the doctor typically measures the pressure the patient only once. But it’s wrong! To measure the pressure at rest three times. Before you measure the pressure, you first need to rest for five minutes. Only after that measure pressure. Then quietly sit for five minutes and again measure the pressure. A break for five minutes, the final pressure measurement.

During the measurement the pressure in the room should be quiet. Loud music should be off, bright light to dim. You should not talk during the measurement pressure.

If you drink coffee or tea, measure blood pressure should be not earlier than an hour. Coffee and tea contribute to increased blood pressure. If you smoke, take a break for half an hour. Of course, after you drink alcohol, your blood pressure will be overestimated.

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