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The doctors suggested how to cope with the consequences of overeating

 Врачи подсказали, как справиться с последствиями перееданияYour mood will immediately become better.

If you could not resist and ate too much at the holiday table, your health is probably poor. The possible consequences of overeating – it is a violation of normal metabolism, thyroid dysfunction, hypertension, gastritis, ulcer, goiter, worsening the pancreas, liver and biliary organs, and diseases of the joints. And this is not a complete list of diseases from excesses in food.

Gluttony can lead to enhanced significantly the work of the autonomic nervous system and overload the entire nervous system as a whole. The digestive organs during the intensive work needed for enhanced blood flow, so often there is a deficit in the brain. As a result, violated the nervous and intellectual processes. Excessive amounts of even healthy food paralyzes the brain cells and reduces their activity.

Even yielding to the temptation of infinite gluttony once, can cause exacerbation of gastritis. And the excess of carbohydrates leads to increased sugar in the blood and, consequently, diabetes. And constant overeating during the holidays leads to the fact that excess fat of animal origin special affect cholesterol, and the abuse of proteins gives an additional burden on the kidneys and nervous system. Swelling and insomnia is only weak effects of overeating protein. It is worth considering the fact that some people have festive overeating develops into a dangerous habit – overeating is chronic.

How to eliminate the effects of
To prevent overeating easier than to neutralize its effects. But resist the temptation during the holidays is very difficult. What are the steps you can take to quickly recover from the festive excesses?

In addition to abstaining from harmful food ways to protect yourself, unfortunately, not so much. You can alternate meals with activity such as a walk or a complex of simple exercises.

There is an opinion that after eating, it is imperative to arrange a fasting day or to adhere to a rigid diet. These methods are not too good because overeating is in itself a stress to the body and a strict diet will only aggravate the poor state of health.

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Nutrition in the following days should be regular and correct. Follow the quality of the products, in no case do not eat the “leftovers” – they are better to throw. Food should be fresh, full-fat, carbohydrates, salts and proteins. Don’t forget about exercise – it could be swimming classes, yoga, fitness, exercises with a rope or massage hula Hoop for weight loss. They will help to reduce the effects of “binge eating” to a minimum.

About a week or two you can start to stick to the diet. Select it, taste for yourself. But don’t overdo it, this diet should not last more than three days.

Herbal medicine with overeating
To help your body, it is necessary to include in the menu of herbal infusions. Due to its chemical composition, they facilitate digestion and cleanse the body. Our ancestors knew about the positive role of herbal infusions and teas to improve well-being. And today, using herbal medicine, it is important to understand which plants are most appropriate, given the General state of health.

People suffering from chronic diseases, before taking the herbs will certainly need to consult with your doctor. In addition, you should take into account the fact that some extracts are more effective when taken before meals while others, on the contrary, after a certain time after a meal.

For example, infusion of peppermint, drunk before meals, promotes the secretion of gastric juice, which facilitates the process of digestion. The healing properties of lemon balm and chamomile, on the contrary, clearer, if they are taken after meals because their digestive effect is based on relaxation of the muscles. Infusion of anise or fennel seeds helps to eliminate flatulence. It is equally effective both before and after a meal.

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Important as the correct temperature is a herbal infusion or tea – it affects their therapeutic effects on the body. For example, extracts of fennel, chamomile, anise or mint is recommended to drink warm, because their curative properties are due partly to the concentration of essential oils evaporating as it cools down.

It is no secret that overeating is fraught with edema and salty and spicy foods that we consume in large quantities during holiday feasts, delay in the body fluids so much that the scales can easily show you a few extra pounds just because of water!

To remove excess fluid from the body and to cope with the swelling you can use infusions of horsetail or dandelion. But to resort to the plant with a laxative effect such as Sena, buckthorn or rhubarb, doctors are not advise, it can lead to an imbalance of fluid in the body. It would be wise to eat every day on an empty stomach or before bedtime yogurt with bifidobacteria, mixed with wheat bran, as a mild laxative.

Medication – if there is no other way
The use of drugs for the treatment of overeating is only possible in a pinch. They should not be neither neglected nor abused. Just use drugs only in the most severe cases, when without them you can not do. When usatii belly will help the drug containing the substance-liquid simethicone.

The feeling of heaviness and fullness in the stomach, nausea and feeling of bloating will help eliminate the drug, normalizing the motility of the digestive tract. To beat heartburn the antacids and alkaline mineral water without gas.

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