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The doctors: Stress could be inherited

Медики: Стресс может передаваться по наследствуCalifornia doctors have found a relationship between the mother’s emotions and subsequent stress tolerance of the child.

New research scientists from the University of California shows that children can be less resistant to stress if their mothers suffered from stress during the second trimester of pregnancy.

According to the results, these children were in the highest degree sensitive to the effects of stress factors and longer recovering from emotional experiences. Stress, in turn, have a negative effect on heart health and increased risk of depression, anxiety and behavioural problems in later life, especially in the presence of unfavorable conditions in the family and school.

During the tests, the experts examined 150 pregnant women. After a certain period of time, researchers measured stress levels in mothers through a questionnaire. Then when the children reached six months, the researchers watched the babies ‘ hearts to measure reactive stress levels. 22 women with the greatest stress in my life had a more reactive children. Doctors warn that the increased reactivity can seriously complicate the work of the heart, affecting behaviour and health in the long term. Increased reactivity is an indicator of suppressed parasympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for energy conservation and slowing of heart rate after a shock or stress.

According to experts, despite the obvious genetic aspect, parents can try to ease a lot of stress in your child, providing a relaxed environment in the first few months of life.

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