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The doctors shared tips to normalize pressure

Медики поделились советами по нормализации давления There are a few simple ways to reduce HELL.

According to the latest recommendations of cardiologists, pressure 130/80 – it is a precursor of hypertension and a serious cause for concern. Meanwhile, following simple guidelines allows you to achieve lower blood pressure without medication.

One of simple but effective techniques to control blood pressure is the consumption of plant foods, a large amount of fruits and vegetables. But, as the research experts from the University of Oxford, it is important that the vegetables were fresh and cooked so they are a bit scrunched because they have more vitamins.

In addition, scientists advise to consume dairy products without sugar, kefir, yogurt. These foods contribute to maintaining the elasticity of the vascular walls. According to a study published in the American Journal of Hypertension, eating five servings of dairy products per week by 30% to reduce the risk of heart attack in women.

Experts recommend that after the age of 50 have less protein, since the active consumption of protein foods increases the risk of hypertension by up to 40%. But what doesn’t need to give up – it’s from the spices. Research suggests that the lovers of food with spices eat less salt, their blood pressure is on average lower than those who have similar food loves.

Very useful for prevention of hypertension to be creative and to have a hobby. Scientists from Drexel University, it was discovered that such activities helps to distract from the disturbing thoughts and as a result, people who devote their free time to creative pursuits, less likely to suffer hypertension.

Another way to resist to the increased pressure to get out of town, to be in nature. Recently, a group of researchers from the universities of Australia and the United States failed to establish that if the daily spent 30 minutes in an atmosphere of nature, susceptibility to hypertension is reduced by 9%.

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