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The doctors shared the secrets of eating for beauty and health

Медики поделились секретами питания для красоты и здоровьяTips of proper nutrition that will help to stay young and beautiful

Nutritionists suggested simple lifehacks in the diet, which will help you stay healthy and beautiful.

Do not overdo the bread

Many of us are accustomed to consume bread during each meal. The experts categorically against such approach, because a bakery is virtually no useful nutrients. Instead, nutritionists advise to include in your diet as many vegetables, fruits and eggs.

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Expert in nutrition Shona Wilkinson says that the consumption of sufficient amounts of protein reduces sugar cravings, stimulates weight loss, normalizes metabolic processes in the body.

Listen to your body

So your body happy health and beauty, you need to listen to it. Sometimes our body sends signals that it needs at the moment. So do not limit your craving for dairy products, fruits and other foods.

Don’t forget about fiber

Fiber is an important component of a balanced diet. It improves digestion, normalizes blood sugar, prevents cardiovascular diseases. The easiest way to get fiber is to eat vegetables and fruit with skin.

Include in your menu healthy fats

The normal functioning of organism is impossible without existence in your menu healthy fats. Well-known nutritionist will Hawkins advises its customers to eat a day at least one product that contains healthy fats. It can be salmon, avocado, feta cheese, walnuts, etc.

Don’t neglect sleep

Healthy sleep is as important to the body as proper nutrition. The less you sleep, the worse your hormonal balance and health, and hence health problems increase.

Take care of the gut

A healthy intestinal flora supports the immune system, promotes weight loss and normal functioning of the body. It is therefore essential to ensure that the intestines were not failures. Nutritionist Amanda Hamilton advises to feed him coconut milk, nuts and other useful products.

Follow the drinking regime

How much water we drink affects not only our health, but also appearance. Drinking regime normalizes metabolic processes in the body, ensuring all organs and systems. To prevent dehydration, nutritionists advise to always carry a bottle of water, and in cold season it can be replaced with a thermos of herbal tea.

Eat liver

According to nutritionists, is in the liver contains huge amounts of iron and vitamins of group B. in addition, liver are rich in choline, which is useful for the brain, eyes and immunity. If you don’t like the taste of this product, you can cook tasty liver pate.

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