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The doctors shared an unusual secret to longevity

Врачи поделились необычным секретом долголетияThe doctors advise as long as possible to work.

Life itself is a convincing evidence that old age reach, as a rule, those who work a lifetime.

Scientists are constantly examined people older than 80 years, living in different places.

The results of these studies suggests that long-standing among all men and the vast majority of women engaged in professional work for many years. It is especially significant that among people older than 80 years, the percentage involved in professional work is much higher than among 25 – to 60-year-old.

These people are less prone to diseases: the digestive tract works better, less worried prostate, headaches and sclerosis.

What are the reasons for the persistence of old as striking disability and not a separate, exclusive entities, but the majority? Modern gerontology is currently already can answer this question.

As established by scientists, the aging of the human body is not a gradual process of extinction of its functions. On the contrary, the decrease of functional capacity of individual organs and systems is largely kompensiruet new adaptive mechanisms that develop with age. These wonderful mechanisms provide the elderly with a high efficiency, they help person to win the years, and sometimes decades of creative activity, the continuing interest in life, good physical health and mental health.

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Scientists were able to prove both. It turns out that the main stimulant for the development of adaptive mechanisms in elderly and senile age — work, a variety of physical activity. This explains the reason for the high productivity of the elderly.

Thus, the data created in England of the Commission on the employment of older people show that the indicator of labor productivity (over 100 accepted performance at the age of 25 — 35 years) men aged 45 — 54 years accounts for 97.2, aged 55 — 65 — 93, and 65 years and older, 83.7 per. In women, this figure is respectively: to 98.8, 93, and 88. If we consider that people younger than 25 years, the labour productivity indicator does not exceed 92,4, it becomes obvious that productivity of older people are not inferior to young people.

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Even more obvious the results of research of level of professional competence of people engaged in mental work: the performance work of men under 25 years is equal to 92.4, but at the age of 25 — 35 years it increases to 100 and continues to grow, reaching to 45 — 54 years of 103.5, holding around this level until old age.

The opportunity to work for most people — a kind of “reserve” the prolongation of life, absolutely real and reliable means to achieve an active longevity. Conversely, sudden cessation of work is often accompanied by sharp deterioration of state of health.

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