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The doctors shared a unique method of treatment of headache

Медики поделились уникальным методом лечения головной болиDoctors recommended a therapeutic head massage.

Who knows about the horrible aching headaches firsthand, by this Board will not pass. Head massage — a way to improve blood flow to problem areas, release tension, reduce pain. Offer you a technique that will help not worse than the pill — head massage with a regular waffle towels, twisted in a spiral. Known fact: in the nervous tissue of the brain lacks the receptors sensitive to pain. If you have a headache, it means that the discomfort occurred in the skull, nerves, blood vessels, neck muscles, eyes and subcutaneous tissue. Extension or narrowing of the blood vessels of the head, change in intracranial pressure is the main causes nasty headaches. Towel massage — an effective way to affect blood circulation in the head and neck, it helps relieve the pain symptoms.

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How to make a therapeutic head massage with a towel

1. Pick the right towel is not too thick, better suited to wafer. Tie him up in a fairly tight bundle, using a spiral motion.

2. Well pin a towel to the back of the head. Hold him with two hands from different sides taut.

3. Move towel on the neck, head and shoulders. Do it rhythmically, slightly unwinds the towel to massage was quite intense.

4. Run this procedure within 3-5 minutes of such stimulation will be enough to relieve mild pain. If the pain has not disappeared, take a break for 10 minutes and repeat the massage.

Chiropractors believe that the most common cause of headache — spasm. Towel massage spiral relaxes the neck area and scalp, helps eliminate spasms, a positive effect on a pinched vertebrae in the neck area. Massage of the head in severe pain combine well with the additional therapy — have a Cup of mint tea, this drink helps the dilation of blood vessels. The pain will go away quickly!

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If you often suffer from headaches, you should consult a neurologist. Because the causes of this terrible phenomenon may be very a lot — from the constant poisoning of the body the wrong foods and a sedentary lifestyle to a serious hormonal disruptions and disturbances in the nervous system. Don’t forget to walk in the fresh air enough time — this is the first tool for the prevention of pain in the head.

Recommend this massage for headaches to your friends, they will thank you!

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