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The doctors said that it is important to know about the gum

Медики рассказали, что важно знать о жвачкеAbout acid-alkaline balance in the mouth thanks to television advertising today know everything.

In addition to the positive results of regular chewing gum, there are also negative, although it was on television, of course, does not say.

The first chewing gum appeared in ancient times. For example, the Indians, for the constant exercise of their gums and masticatory muscles used a mixture of honey and wool. When Columbus discovered America, in Europe together with tobacco and got the prototypes of modern chewing gum. However, in those days, the Europeans were not able to evaluate all the advantages of mastication.

Therefore, the second birth of chewing gum in the United States occurred only after several centuries. For chewing used spruce resin. This material is good to chew, I had a long time to warm up his mouth. This fact hindered the dissemination of chewing gum. Use the juice of the Sapodilla was a breakthrough in the “chewing” of the industry. Sapodilla is an evergreen tree, the juice of which is in its properties similar to latex.

A little later in the chewing gum started to add various flavors and sugar. American Professor Hollingworth in 1939 he published a paper which proved that the constant chewing relieves stress and muscle tension. Since then, the rations of American soldiers chewing gum became a mandatory component.
Known are several reasons why chewing gum is useful for people:

– Constant chewing strengthens the gums, and this in turn helps the body cope with gingivitis and periodontitis.

Is chewing gum good job with cleaning your teeth after eating, although it is, of course, its cleansing power can not be compared with a toothbrush. When chewing is cleared, only the chewing surface of the teeth, and all the others remain untreated.

– Chewing gum contains sweeteners (xylitol, sorbitol), which restores the acid-alkaline balance. The alkaline medium prevents the development of bacteria that cause cavities.

– Chewing is accompanied by a strong flow of saliva that helps to clean teeth and remove food residues in the oral cavity.
However, there are negative aspects of chewing gum. So constant chewing loading of the temporomandibular joint, stimulates the secretion of gastric juice, which leads to the emergence or exacerbation of gastritis.

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