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The doctors said, is it possible to combine Smoking and sports

Врачи рассказали, можно ли совмещать курение и спортHow to combine sport and bad habits.

Sport is an important component of health. Moderate exercise is essential if you work at a computer, lead a sedentary life, or want to boost your energy level. Many sports, while continuing to lead a normal lifestyle, eating fatty foods, to break the diet, drink alcohol and smoke. These factors do not achieve the desired results and have a negative impact on health. How to combine sport and bad habits.

Sport and alcohol

Ethyl alcohol contained in the alcohol harm the body. The brain perceives ethanol as a toxin and gives impulses to other bodies to counteract the poison. Among the common symptoms are: the load on the heart, loss of fluid, loss of coordination and slow reactions. Adding to this physical activity, we get a worsening of symptoms: dehydration, tachycardia, increased risk of injury, painful condition.

To combine incompatible, experts have some recommendations:

1. The ban on sports activities right after alcohol consumption. Even 50 ml of alcohol require a minimum of 4 hours to elapse before physical exercise.

2. On the morning after the party, avoid exercise that puts a load on the heart.

3. Drink plenty of water with each alcoholic beverage, the body loses 100 ml of liquid.

4. Refrain from eating after exercise – alcohol contributes to weight gain and hinders recovery.

Sport and Smoking

Risks to the body from the combination of Smoking and sport (in comparison with alcohol per training day) is much higher. Cigarette smoke reduces the amount of oxygen that passes through the lungs, constricts blood vessels and hinders blood flow. As a result, while sport quickens the heartbeat and felt malaise. The harms of Smoking and after a workout – “hot” body will “suck” the harmful substances from cigarette smoke.

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Provided the same load nonsmoker and smoker, the latter has a range of symptoms that affect training effectiveness include shortness of breath, nausea, reduced stamina, increase blood pressure, heart palpitations. Many see them even in those cases, if the interval between Smoking of cigarettes and training amounted to a few hours.

Smoking a cigarette before exercise, you create stress to the body. Scored resins airway break the blood oxygen saturation and lack of oxygen slows down the formation of energy and causes shortness of breath. The body solves this “problem” due to the frequency of breathing, making the heart harder to “drive” the blood. This load may lead to hypertrophy of the heart muscle and cause the development of cardiovascular diseases. And the more the experience of Smoking, the less the body’s tolerance to physical stress.

Due to the physical activity people reduces the influence of other risk factors, reduced excess weight, cholesterol and blood glucose. Regular exercise can help smokers to kick the habit. The results of a study conducted by researchers from the National research Institute in Taiwan, confirm that smokers who regularly performed physical exercises, had 55% more likely to quit Smoking than those who are not engaged in sports.

Smokers who cannot give up the habit because of the strong dependence, the medical community offers an approach of “harm reduction” (harmreduction) – transition to less harmful alternatives with the aim of reducing the impact of risk factors. This principle gradually “heals” lifestyle without stress and impulsive disruption to the body.

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Among the alternative products for smokers – nicotine patches, gum, electronic delivery systems nicotine (ESDN). They are products of reduced risk, because they eliminate the tobacco smoke is the most dangerous element of Smoking. As close to the usual ritual, and the senses – electronic systems delivery nicotine (electronic cigarettes and tobacco heating system). They, according to experts, contain up to 90-95% less harmful substances than cigarettes, and have a higher success rate when used for Smoking cessation.

The research of experts of the Ukrainian Institute of cardiology named. Strazhesko showed that users of electronic delivery systems nicotine exercise more effective than smokers (6.54%). Positive dynamics was recorded in the body’s metabolic processes – when a partial or complete rejection of cigarettes the participants increased the amount of oxygen uptake during exercise and improved metabolism. As a result, the experts came to the conclusion that the use ESDN increases endurance during exercise.

In any case, Smoking and alcohol, you can hardly call the habits that contribute to a healthy lifestyle. It is important to create an environment conducive to the normal flow of physiological and psychological processes conditions. This, in turn, will help to reduce the likelihood of several diseases and increase life expectancy.

Врачи рассказали, можно ли совмещать курение и спорт

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