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The doctors reveal surprising facts about the common cold

Медики раскрыли неожиданные факты о насморкеIt turns out that not all of us know that actually is a cold.

Sinusitis, sinusitis, rhinitis – all of these medical terms have one thing in common the concept of “cold”. Autumn has long been considered a season of viral diseases, the first symptom which often is a cold. But for some reason to treat him in a hurry, not all, but it is fraught with consequences.

What is rhinitis and how does it originate?

Rhinitis is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa, which develops contact with the shell of the viruses, allergens, bacteria or fungi. And if in the case of viral or allergic lesion of the nasal mucosa enough therapy aimed at eliminating infection and allergen from the body and regular cleansing of the nasal passages, bacterial and fungal rhinitis is not to hesitate and to refuse a specific treatment.

The fact is that fungi and bacteria invade the sinuses and can spread to the area of the nasopharynx, face and even brain, which will lead to much more serious consequences. It is therefore advisable to consult a physician in order to identify the probable cause of the runny nose and the time to begin treatment.

Surprising facts about the common cold, which you might not know:

1. Moist nasal mucosa – a guarantee that no harmful microorganism will not stick. People often ignore the doctor’s recommendations concerning what the environment has to be in the house and at work. Doctors often advise to ventilate the room and prevent too high temperatures, plus, the air needs to be humidified.

2. The best method of removing edema from the nose is washing out with saline. Any one drug in the form of drops or spray are not able to quickly and effectively get rid of nasal congestion. The saline solution acts as an antiseptic and cleanser for the nose, it has a negative effect on the microorganisms and makes the accumulated mucus more liquid, which implies a speedy recovery.

3. The greener mucus discharge from the nasal passages, the better. Many did not know, but the green color of mucus suggests that the immune system copes with its main task – the fight against viruses and protect the body from hitting them. But the white mucus should alert you, since it indicates an increase in white blood cells.

4. Use a cloth handkerchief with a cold is a waste of time and its forces. On the scarf are all of harmful bacteria and if it during the day to clear the nose, it turns out the cycle of bacteria and they with the handkerchief again fall on the nasal mucosa. Wipe the nose should be a paper towel, then recovery will come faster.

5. Much strain during nose blowing the nose is strictly prohibited, and often clear the nose thus undesirable. You have to understand that the common cold is always swelling that is already in the nose increased pressure, if we start strongly and often vysmarkivatsya, the mucus can get is not on a napkin, and in the ears or nasopharynx, then it is likely the development of sinusitis, otitis and other unpleasant diseases.

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