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The doctors reminded how dangerous an ordinary draught

Врачи напомнили, чем опасен обычный сквознякCool air is harmful to health.

Air conditioning, open Windows, wind can change a person beyond recognition. Neck blow, the face will become asymmetrical. How to treat these and other painful consequences of the draft?

Winter companions with unstable immunity always go with a cold-cough. But, it turns out, it’s not so bad: summer drafts are attacking muscles and nerves. “In the heat of the cold air stream gives pleasure, explains neurologist Yuliya Zhivova. – The body relaxes, forgets about the danger and did not consider it necessary to defend themselves. Therefore, the exposed areas of the body can quickly SuperCool, and now the inflammation”. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Myositis drafts

The most simple surface damage, provide a cool breeze in the heat, so – called myositis, or on a shared vocabulary, “neck blew”. A condition familiar to many: muscles ache, sometimes the feeling spreads to the shoulder, twist the head is unpleasant and not desirable. If chilled properly, the neck ceases to move. And the challenge behind it is necessary to turn his whole body. “In myositis muscle fibers swell, she spazmiruyutsya, infringes on the nerves, and there is discomfort,” says Yuliya Zhivova.

But usually the owner of the ailment does not ask the question, “Why does it hurt, hurt so much?” – while looking for ways to save. And the majority, oddly enough, to remove yourselves: go to massage or put anything hot. “That’s really what not to do – warm the affected area with compresses or relevant ointments, – continues Julia. Muscle in myositis inflamed, edematous, venous outflow is broken. In General, heat will only aggravate the process. Treatment requires an anti-inflammatory ointment, preferably with an analgesic effect; suitable decongestants and drugs-venotonic for local use”.

If the discomfort persists for two-three days, and even more becomes stronger, it is time to look to the neurologist: sharp, not dull nagging pain may signal inflammation of the nerve roots located between the vertebrae. When illness comes to the spine, that’s never good.
Sciatica in the neck

If you regularly interact with someone from a very adult relatives should know what is sciatica. The disease is most often associated with lower back: in it something is “pinching”, “catch” and need to rest. Good news: the neck sciatica happens in the background and drafts regardless of age. To distinguish this attack from the above described myositis except that the intensity of discomfort.

In radiculopathy the cervical nerve roots become inflamed and then the pain becomes vivid, paroxysmal, can suddenly shoot in the arm or in the head. If the score in this process and continued to self-medicate, neurological symptoms increase: with the injured party starts to numb my hand already hurts all the way down to elbow and hand.

When radiculopathy some ointments can hardly do without. “Prescribed injections of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, drugs for relieving swelling and pain,” – says Irina Naydenova. I want to regain neck mobility, go for a session of acupuncture. “And how massage and manual therapy that treat all the problems in the spine?” – reasonably objected you. Neither intervention is not allowed during the inflammatory process. After the acute pain has receded, to restore flexibility to the affected area allowed to look for a massage therapist.
Intercostal neuralgia in the wind

Nerve roots can become inflamed along the entire length of the spine. In particular, in the thoracic and then the disease is called intercostal neuralgia. This trouble is treated the same way as, for example, sciatica in the neck, but still worth a separate mention. Feature of intercostal neuralgia is that it can be confused with angina (chest pain on exertion) or even myocardial infarction – in this case, part of the heart muscle is not supplied with blood and there is a serious threat to life.

The symptoms of these ailments are very similar: sharp pain in the chest, from which intercepts breath. Indicator neuralgia may be the fact that the change of position of discomfort pass, and with an awkward turn in the other direction (and also cough, sneeze, strain) – increase. But self-diagnosis can do not suggest – in any case, call an ambulance.
Inflammation of the facial nerve in the wind

Substituting cheeks to the wind in a convertible, remember that your whole head is literally Packed with nerves that can chill. For example, inflammation of the facial starts with pulling pain behind ear. Gradually, the discomfort goes to the face and neck. And if you don’t care about this malaise in a few days the face becomes asymmetrical nasolabial folds on the affected side is flattened, mouth corner is lowered, and all warps in a healthy way.

Such inhuman beauty is complemented by a constantly open eye, from which he incessantly flow of tears. To control the facial expression becomes impossible: neither frown nor smile. About self rescue in such hands do not have to think. “To start treatment is necessary as early as possible: the list of potential complications – a nervous TIC (twitching of the cheeks, frequent blinking) and lifelong facial asymmetry – warns Irina Naydenova. – In the first stage are assigned to inflammatory and vasodilators, vitamins, analgesics for pain relief. Physical therapy (non-contact heat) is applied from the first days of the disease, and the fifth-the sixth day – UHF and contact heat (paraffin or application). From the second week start massage and exercise therapy”.

If the nerve is recovering slowly, the doctor may prescribe drugs that enhance the metabolic processes in the nervous tissue. With proper treatment prognosis is almost comforting: the full restoration of facial expressions occurs in 75% of cases in the first two to three months after onset of illness.

Trigeminal neuralgia

Another popular attack that can change the human appearance is trigeminal neuralgia. The latter is responsible for the sensitivity of the person and the functioning facial muscles. The draft has a chance to trigger increased excitability of the trigeminal nerve, and then across the surface of the cold half of the head (and even in the gums) extends the strong paroxysmal shooting pain. With the onset of acute facial muscles shrink, the person shrinks and cries out, and it may last from minutes to hours. As a bonus – discharge from one nostril, redness of the eyelids and lacrimation.

“Cure is not easy. When a pain lasts more than a day, the patient transferred to the hospital, – says Yuliya Zhivova. Among the necessary preparations – a cocktail of anti, hormones, painkillers and other drugs.” Plus, of course, physical therapy. If the disease is not amenable, it is necessary to operate surgically: the victim is a fragment of nerve removed. In General, this part of the story – not to explore methods of healing, but only for the sake of argument call: “I Want to turn the air conditioner on full – changed his mind!”


If one of these words have to do with you, cold air flows need to be afraid of fire.

HERPES. Happy owners of the virus – the first at risk. If inside, there’s a skunk (which of course-varieties, and one is, consider any), hypothermia can easily put the activity of the virus, and the herpes attacks the nerve tissue. To understand what cause the virus, just in the course of the inflamed nerve rash. If you have problems with facial herpetic vesicles will be scattered from the ear to the neck, with the intercostal neuralgia of the spine along the ribs, and so on.”To cope with this beauty, the cocktail of drugs added antiviral drugs, and relatively healthy person should pass the rash in 10-14 days,” says neurologist Irina Naydenova. Remember: the virus blooms and rages against the background of reduced immunity. So it’s your job to treat his outbursts and how to keep yourself in shape. Then to be chilled more difficult.

Low back pain. If the intervertebral discs are not in shape, get a little power, become thinner, and the nerve roots are having a hard time. And there is quite a small draft to low back pain you’ve got sciatica. Easier to get rid of the first one. You need a regular load, due to which the drives are powered and the spine remains flexible. Talking about Pilates, yoga-therapy and qigong – all the most useful back.

COMPUTER. Even the most healthy person sitting for eight hours, motionless at the table, risking to leave him disabled. While you’re keen to surf on the Network, are fossilized muscles in an unnatural position. Only a small breeze to the already exhausted muscles finally spazmirovannah and start inflammation. Therefore, activity and more activity.

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