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The doctors outlined the possible risks in the transition to fructarians

Врачи обозначили возможные риски при переходе на фрукторианствоIt turns out that the rejection of harmful products in favor of fresh fruits may not be as useful as originally assumed.

Now the vast majority of people are looking for solutions to problems related to malnutrition. How many experts-nutritionists, so many of their opinions, which are often very different from each other. One of the fashion trends — fructarians, a system which move young people one by one.

This method of food means you can eat only fresh fruit. As a result, fructarians expect that they will clean your body and fill it with energy and vitamins, nutrients which will live long and not complain about health.

In fact, scientists strongly against fructarians, because fruits contain not only vitamins and nutrients but fructose, which will benefit all people. Especially if you eat sweet fruits every day and nothing more.

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What risks may face people who wants to become fructarians:

1. Violation of metabolism. As it turned out, the sharp transition to the use of only fresh fruit can ruin the metabolism, slowing it and causing a feeling of heaviness in the stomach after eating.

2. Rising levels of blood sugar. For anybody not a secret that the fructose in sweet and savory fruits that can improve blood sugar levels.

3. Hormonal failure. Substances from fruits may adversely affect the work of the pancreas and the production of hormones.

4. The development of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Fruits contain acids which corrode unprotected mucous membranes of the stomach and other organs of the gastrointestinal tract. This is why doctors recommend first, any cereal, sandwiches and then eating the fruits and fresh juices from them.

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5. Severe weight loss or anorexia. Once a person goes for some fruits, it begins to lose weight. In this regard, physicians are allowed to become factorially those who have extra pounds or weight is almost normal. But anyone with too low weight and they would not stop to gain a couple pounds, the doctors strongly forbid to sit on some fruit.

Pretoriano much more dangerous than vegetarianism, because in the second case, you can eat beans, nuts, and vegetables, and many other things besides fruit. This means that the body vegetarian gets ten times more use from food than fructarians.

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