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The doctors outlined the main symptoms of stomach cancer

Медики назвали основные симптомы рака желудкаOn these signs you must pay attention to.

Stomach cancer rather common type of a malignant tumor, which can be located in the upper stomach Department, in the pyloric lobe and in the body of the body.

This disease has a high mortality rate is most often diagnosed in men and in most cases is a consequence of the abuse “joys of life” including improper diet, bad habits, and infectious and genetic factors.

In 80-90% of patients diagnosed with stomach cancer body spread metastasis – secondary tumor formation is often deposited in the lungs due to the fact that through this body is pumped a large amount of blood, which and spread of malignant cells. It is therefore important timely detection of these secondary signs of the disease.

“In the early stages of stomach cancer practically does not manifest itself, so without special equipment and careful examination of the disease is suspected is very difficult,” – the experts of the University of Freiburg (Germany). Therefore, people need to pay attention to the following symptoms:

Poor appetite, nausea, vomiting;
Heartburn and sudden weight loss;
Acidity, chair dark color;
Persistent pain in the stomach.

The nature of pain often signals the spread of cancer to adjacent organs: girdle pains are more typical for contact with the pancreas; pain similar to the angina pectoris – on the distribution in the diaphragm; bloating, rumbling, constipation – about germination in the transverse colon.

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