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The doctors outlined the main symptoms of inflammation of the pancreas

Медики назвали главные признаки воспаления поджелудочной железыIt is important to know.

It is important to see the first symptoms of inflammation of the pancreas, it affects not only your health.

The first symptoms of the pancreas each person manifests individually.

But there are common signs. Doctors say that acute and chronic forms of pancreatitis the symptoms are different. For acute pancreatitis is characterized by a sharp manifestation of herpes zoster pain, mushy stool, vomiting and nausea.

Chronic pancreatitis makes itself felt regularly recurring constipation accompanied by bloating. If you do not pay such attention disorders, over time they will cause blockages and stagnation, including will be amazed by the ducts of the biliary tract and the pancreas directly. Typically, such changes occur in the absence of regular physical activity.

In the future, the disease starts to progress. Appears indigestion after eating a person feels heaviness in the stomach, and after some time there is pain in the area of the stomach. The pain is not strong, but very unpleasant.

Usually the symptoms of any pancreatic lesions identical. As a rule, dyspepsia functions and pain syndromes.

It is worth emphasizing that the pancreas, being close enough to other vital organs: the stomach, liver, heart, kidneys, and spleen. Therefore, the disorder can have a negative impact on them. Often diseases of the pancreas are developing rapidly, and the consequences of its deplorable. Therefore, the condition of the body you need to follow. Symptoms of disorders of pancreatic function is pretty standard:

— severe pain in the subcostal area and back;
— pain after taking spicy, fried or fatty foods or alcohol;
— loss of appetite;
— sometimes have fever;
— the patient may complain of pain in the heart, while the ECG gives a positive result;
— in moments of exacerbations the patient feels nausea and vomiting which does not bring him relief;
— broken chair (may appear as constipation and diarrhea).

If chronic form of the disease the symptoms increase slowly, in acute form, the disease develops rapidly. After a few hours of strong pain will not give the patient the opportunity to lie still. It is often man himself is difficult to determine what exactly he is concerned about the pancreas because of the pain similar to the manifestations of degenerative disc disease, or herpes zoster pyelonephritis.

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