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The doctors have forbidden men to engage in this activity for too long

Врачи запретили мужчинам заниматься этим занятием слишком долгоThe results of the study.

American doctors find out how much time the men should be paid weekly strength training. According to the researchers, not to overdo it with exercise, you should engage in no more than seven and a half hours.

In the study, which was carried out for 25 years, involved more than three thousand physically active respondents. Men aged 18 to 55 years were divided into three groups depending on how much time they devote weekly to strength training.

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The first group consisted of men who were devoted to training two hours or less. In the second group were those who worked from two to seven hours per week. And the last group included the most active, which practiced weekly for more than seven hours.

It turned out that most of the white men who spent more than seven hours of training suffered from cardiovascular diseases. Approximately 87% of people with the last group was affected by this disease.

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But black men, on the contrary, most of them showed excellent health.

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