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The doctors found out what not to eat after exercising

Врачи выяснили, что нельзя есть после занятий спортомIt turned out that it is not enough just to push yourself with physical exercise.

An integral part of the program to build a beautiful and slender body is proper nutrition. After all, if after intensive training in the gym you’ll give yourself a hearty lunch, the use of such classes will not be enough.

So you have a list of foods to avoid after sports training.

Salty foods snack group

A variety of salted nuts, chips, croutons, sunflower seeds and straws – it’s not something you can eat after sports. These products chock-full of calories. It is better to replace salty snacks more useful dried fruit or regular banana, by the way recognized nutritionists the best fruit for a snack after a workout.

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Candy, jelly, fruit rolls and sweet yogurt contain too many calories and sugar that slows down metabolism. If your goal is losing weight and gaining perfect form, you should take care of a good metabolism. So sweet and high-calorie food should not be part of your “post-workout” menu.

Sweet drinks

Carbonated water can cause bloating and negatively affects the lungs, so these drinks in any case should not be included in the menu or after a workout, not to her. Experts, incidentally, have long been included soda in the list of products they strongly do not recommend to buy in the supermarket. Great thirst quencher plain water, fruit juices or green tea.

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Milk chocolate

If you have a sweet tooth and you’re hard to give up chocolate – drink it before a workout, not after, and let it be the black chocolate. In this case, you will do two useful things – enjoy the taste of their favorite sweets and burn calories during the workout.

Fatty foods

If coming from the gym, you’re going to pounce on the pizza, hamburger, French fries or pasties, it’s the use of your workouts will not be enough. You’re striving to get rid of fat reserves in your body, right? Therefore it is logical that you should avoid fatty snacks and food from fast food.

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